Monday, August 17, 2009

How Should Michael Vick be Welcomed Back to the NFL?

I think the fans should
arm themselves with slingshots and dog biscuits. First one to hit his helmet with such a missile, wins.

Poodle Pumper. Hound Hitter. Pooch Puncher.

Let's see if someone spends time in jail for that.

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Professor Hale said...

I am against animal cruelty, but this was a real case of latching onto a celebrity to push a cause. He spent more time in jail than some people who murder people. At most, he should have paid a fine. In a country that permits horseracing, dogracing, and rodeos for entertainment, it is a bit of a mixed message to punish Vick for dogfighting.

I also think that his new team should have bargained more effectively. Given his past, they could have got him for a lot less than 1.6 million.

Dale Kemp said...

He has served time for his crimes. Time to forgive him and let him back into society. If football is all he knows and he is good at it then so be it.

The Pharisee said...

Personally, I'm torn, since I think animals are animals, not people. Vick, IMHO got way too much in the way of punishment for his crime.

But it was a crime and he did know it and he did do it.

I frankly am not interested in being entertained by ex cons, but it's also a free country.

So based on my love for dogs, I vote to pelt him with Doggie Biscuits just to let him know I care about the little critters.

Of course in Korea, he'd have just had Michael Vicks restaurant on the side and he'd have been real popular.

7:06 PM

Carol said...

I must agree with Mr. Kemp. He served his time, now he should be allowed to move on.
I also agree with Prof. Hale, if it had been anyone but Michael Vick, they would have fined and given community service, probably working with the Humane Society.
Having watchd Michael since he was a red shirt at Tech, I was horrified at his actions. Now I wonder if all he was accused of, the hangings, the drownings, were his actions or of his companions who were so quick to accuse him to lighten their own sentences. Yes, I am an animal lover, I have always had my faithful dogs and an occasional cat. We were horribly shocked at this dog fighting accusation and the loss of belief in people's goodness.