Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's official (sorta), Cash for Clunkers selling FOREIGN cars

I told you so.
YAHOO/AP - "(T)he Transportation Department, which has collected details about 157,000 rebate requests, won't release sales data that dealers provided showing how much U.S. car manufacturers are benefiting from the $1 billion initially pumped into the program."
"Shovel Ready" jobs for you someday maybe, and indoor factory work for foreigners today.

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Orion said...

I couldn't believe they were destroying the cars that are turned in, but that is what the OBAMA regime demands.
What a WASTE!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Obama administration withholds data on clunkers
By BRETT J. BLACKLEDGE, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is refusing to quickly release government records on its "cash-for-clunkers" rebate program that would substantiate — or undercut — White House claims of the program's success, even as the president presses the Senate for a quick vote for $2 billion to boost car sales.

replicajewelry said...

Only $1billon out of $4billon is set aside for the project and now the program, along with car dealers, suffer a lot. And there are so much trouble for the car dealers to be refunded, this cash flow problem may slow them down in implementing the program.
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