Monday, August 03, 2009

Is Warren trying to get out of Jail for Medical Reasons?

Hard to say.

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yutthehay said...

No he is not. this didn't come from him. Someone is trying to get him back to Utah or somewhere else.

Toes said...

The letter appears to be for informational purposes. As the Judge noted, nothing is asked of the court, and copies are to be filed and distributed to interested parties.

Is it is a requirement for a jailor to get permission from the court to move an ill prisoner from a regular cell or prison hospital to a secure external medical facility for needed treatment?

Riki said...

I'm not in favor of suicide, but I find force-feeding to be barbaric.

The Pharisee said...

So we're thinking Warren is on another life threatening fast? He should know his chances are getting about as good as they will get, that he might get out.

yutthehay said...

Hugh: IF they would have left him alone he would have went back to eating after the gathering in SLC. Joseph that was sold into Egypt spent 12 years in jail. Joseph smith spent some six month in Liberty jail in far worse conditions. What is happening to Warren Jeffs is no different than what other great Prophets have had to go through..The roomers of a hunger strike are designed to make HIM look stupid and try to get people to think he is a crazy religious phonetic. This is not so.

Jam Inn said...

Shouldn't Warren be engaged in his manuscript like John Bunyan's "Pilgrims Progress"? Adolf Hitler authored "Mein Kampf" while imprisoned, a little over two years of incarceration, I would think Warren would have produced several chapters in rough draft by now. He certainly couldbe authoring his side of the YFZ Ranch saga, from the fugitives perspective.

Hugh, don't Christian morals and ethics cry out against suicide? Is this another, more subtler forem of 'Blood Atonement'?

The Pharisee said...

The FLDS are not Christians Jam. If Warren chooses to do what is immoral, so be it. These things are never the point.

In addition, Warren was not at YFZ during the events of the last year, I don't know how he could write a personal account of the happenings there.

This boils down STILL, to a bunch of busybodies breaking down the doors of private citizens who didn't want and still don't want their help a year later, with false cause, while KNOWING the cause was false.

I frankly can't see as honest anyone who maintains Texas had cause.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh, I am not referring to the YFZ Ranch as the daily living event nor Warren's personal life. Rather the 'Yearning For Zion' which is the Mormon Prophetic revelation that Jesus will return to this World for the Final Judgment, ergo Heaven returns to Earth (Yearning for Zion) and the Great Lifting Up is prophesied. Then the elect will erect the Temple and live with Jesus for the Millennium. This diaspora occurs over 1,000+ miles from Utah to Texas and you want to view the event strickly through a secular lense?

Does calling the LE a bunch of busybodies grasp this event in your eyes?

Warren moves over 500+ believers to Eldorado to prepare for the EndTime and orders that the Temple built on the YFZ Ranch and you invoke some right of homestead privacy? The search warrants need to be more closely scrutinized?

Yes, Warren was already incarcerated but the project at the YFZ Ranch went on to completion. Now the Revelator is trying to do harm to himself and the 'Yearning for Zion' revelation that gave rise to all that has elapsed with this FLDS Church remains a Texas problem.