Monday, April 19, 2010

A "Blues" calls the Pharisee's wife

No really, he did.
He says I have the wrong guy, and told me to "Back off." Rather "tersely" my wife said. Oh well. This would be the Metal Detecting Blues Persona.

Exactly WHERE did he get my phone number from? Malonis has it.

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Xorphshire said...

If cockroaches spoke English, that's same thing they'd probably say to humans who find their nest.

TxBluesMan said...


I did not call, nor can I see any reason that I would call you or your wife.

First, I don't have a phone number for either of you, nor do I care to find it.

Second, what's the point? It serves no purpose.

Third, as I have stated numerous times, there are more than one "TxBluesMan" nicknames floating around the internet. There is one that looks for WWII memorabilia born in 1965 (not me), there is the metal detector guy, who is not me either. There's the bass guitarist, the shortwave radio guy, etc. None of which are related to me.

Fourth, when you make a leap and connect one of them to me, it stands to reason that they may get irritated, especially if they look at your history of harassing people. I would assume that the guy who's picture you posted is a little miffed, especially since what you posted has no basis in fact.

There's a simple way to avoid this. Don't post your unfounded speculations as the truth, and expect innocent third parties (like the one in the pic you posted) to not react in some way.

The Pharisee said...

Blues, I'm the only one who found his name, so I haven't harmed YOU, or HIM. I have not said conclusively that YOU and the "Metal Hunting" Blues are the same.

You always find liars though, in the last place you look.

You might find them in the second, fifth and tenth places you look too, and when you finally DO find them, realize you've walked through their front yard before.

This guy matches you fairly well. In that I am dealing with a liar, the only thing that would make me think "Metal Blues" isn't you, is if HE is telling the truth, very little you would tell me would persuade me of anything.

I_hate_bigots said...

I don't know the time zone of your blog but a poster on the SL Trib mentioned about calling someone's wife. The poster Nosuprise wondered if the poster Alin's wife knew they were posting on this topic.

The Pharisee said...

Posts on this blog are logged as Eastern Daylight Time, posts at the SLTrib, as Mountain Daylight Time. Two hours difference.

The Pharisee said...

PS: In case I wasn't clear, this "Blues" that called me, I know who he is. Name, address, phone, birthday, you name it.

I have NOT published his name. I'm not planning to. He hasn't made a public ass of himself. If he had I would have been tempted to write a piece on his foolishness, because, after all, he would have done it to himself.

Take Scott Reib. Please.....

He was part of the legal team that got skunked 8-0 in front of the Texas Supremes, and got called a doodyhead by the newspaper whose first amendment rights he tried to abridge.

Be he blues or no, Scott deserved a swift kick.

Unless proved to be blues, this other guy was just snippy with my wife.

I_hate_bigots said...

The one person who I blame for this whole mess is TXBluesman.
This person just doesn't comment and give opinions on the topic.

I can tell you when I read his/her blog they gave me the impression they are a lawyer. I base this on the title using a legal term and the heavy case analysis. (Example giving a legal prediction when one of the FLDS women didn't show up for court).

This poster also boosted of having personal/private knowledge regarding certain details of the FLDS case.

So to the average reader, it appears TXBlues is a lawyer with personal knowledge of the FLDS case.

They have also published Warren's dictations and made a public announcement that once certain information was removed they would again publish the info.

Not to mention this person has used Nat as a lawyer, which raises all sorts of conflict of interest problems.

So if other people with the same screen name get associated with the person, I would blame who Blues. If you are going to conduct this type of behavior, you should pick a very unique screen name.

Dale Kemp said...

Goodness sakes, this is all very amusing to follow.

Laughing out loud in SLC.


The Pharisee said...

It would be, except the Blues I seek, as do the FLDS, has been (perhaps) skirting the law to the point of bending it past the breaking point, with regard to private docs.

I'd like to know who he is, to see his qualifications, to understand his motives (motives are always important with liars) and to see if there are any unholy connections that might lead to further, PUBLIC investigations.