Monday, April 12, 2010

What we are supposed to believe

Since I have drilled several dry holes on the identity of TxBluesMan. Hear first, this disclaimer. This, is a guess, but it's a good one, and it's one "Blues" brought on....HERSELF?
In the Wiki War controversy going on over at Wikipedia concerning the YFZ Ranch page, one of the immediate "interveners" was "BlueSooner." The little dust up over there served to help me understand several things about how Wikipedia works, including finding and identifying page editors, at least insofar as those editors identify themselves for the record. In other words, they use "handles," not real names in most cases.

Stroll around the identities of "Loquitor," "BlueSooner" and "BlueSooner/Natalie Malonis" and tell me if they don't know each other. One of the things you will see is that "BlueSooner" appears to be a "Storefront" for "BlueSooner/Natalie Malonis. When I discovered this, you could still see edits on the Coram/Wikipedia history page, now they only appear as "BlueSooner." Quite simply, "BlueSooner" is giving us every reason to believe they are "BlueSooner/Natalie Malonis," but now you can't find that ID, unless you look very hard, or already know where it is. That ID links to the "BlueSooner" ID, but "BlueSooner" doesn't link back to "BlueSooner/Natalie Malonis."

Quite simply All seem to come into existence at roughly the same time (March 2010) and create the "Coram Non Judice" self promotional page on Wikipedia (a no no if Blues and Nat are the same) and edit each other. "Loquitor" and "Blue Sooner/Natalie Malonis" hail from "Vassar" College, which though it is now co-educational, was known primarily as a "Girls School" until recently. This seems to suggest Loquitor is BlueSooner/Natalie Malonis, and we already seem to know that Bluesooner is Natalie Malonis.

The other possibilities are that Natalie and "Whoever Blues Really is" at least briefly shared an identity. That's also a "no no" for Wikipedia. It would be as if I tried to get around my current ban by posting as someone else. The bottom line though is that these posters named "BlueSooner" in some way shame or form have deliberately confused themselves and there is now more circumstantial evidence that they are the same poster, than there was to convict Scott Peterson of the murder of Lacey.

There may be exculpatory evidence that emerges, but right now, as it stands, TxBluesMan=BlueSooner=Natalie Malonis by their own deliberate or inadvertent acts of confusion. If they're not, then let them prove it. I've already had Nat mail me and say she represents TxBluesMan. It was speculated then, that she may have a fool for a client. There are some other possibilities emerging, such as past (present?) associates nearby that went to the right law school, but that's how it stands.


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Ron in Houston said...

Last time I checked the "Sooners" are from the University of Oklahmoma and not Vassar college.

It also makes a lot of sense that someone who is part Indian just MIGHT come from Oklahoma.

As, usual you'll just ignore a bunch of facts and come up with some wacky theory about who Blues is. Hey, I know, maybe Blues is really Marty Braemer!

The Pharisee said...

You might check a little Ron, there's an embedded message.

I_hate_bigots said...

Gee, can't someone take a brief deposition of Nat and just ASK her if she authors or co-authored any blogs?

Who ever Texas Blues is they claimed to know the FLDS was being investigated for a shooting - and they claimed to know where Carolyn slept during that night.

This was all said on the eve of Carolyn's court hearing....

So I would say whether Nat is Blues is very relevant.

The Pharisee said...

We have a good idea of what's going on IHB. It's theory. Whenever someone is lying there way through life, you have to do a bit of guessing but there are things that aren't being said.

There's more to the story.

I_hate_bigots said...

I was re-reading some of Nat's media statements.

It was interesting some of the PUBLIC comments she made while she was a lawyer for an ADULT FLDS mother and a minor. Clearly, some of her statements were harmful to her adult client.

It's interesting why she never got in trouble.

I_hate_bigots said...

It's interesting you mentioned Vassar. In my younger days, I had the misfortunate of dealing with another Vassar graduate. This person was a professional (not a lawyer) who was engaged in highly unethical behavior.

What's strange is when I first saw a picture of Nat I she even looked like this person.

Perhaps going to an elite school like this goes certain people's head. They start to believe they are god-like and the same rules that apply to "little people" don't apply to them.

Or perhaps there's a network.