Tuesday, April 06, 2010

UPDATED AGAIN: Warrant Storm (Fishing Expedition) descends on Hildale & Colorado City

Matt Smith looks for Evidence
To mark the second anniversary of the taking of the children?
Law enforcement in Short Creek are getting in their licks:
"Residents told The Salt Lake Tribune that an unspecified number of officers were at the Colorado City Fire Department and at the Hildale Town offices. The twin towns are home to members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which has been under intense government scrutiny since 2002.

A spokesman for the Mohave County Sheriff's Office confirmed that there were 'a few' officers in the community 'conducting some type of business.'

Molly Edwards, spokeswoman for the Arizona Attorney General's Office, said that she could not comment because the state was involved in an 'ongoing investigation.' "
A member of the community "tipped" me, it is confirmed by Brooke Adams.

"Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment, and a secretary said it was unlikely he would talk about the investigation."
Is Matt Smith on a fishing expedition just like two years ago in Texas, but on a smaller scale? One speculative purpose for the raids would be gaining more documents to find another basis for "knowing" certain things he wants to "know" in the case of Warren Jeffs in Arizona.

Matt has been cut off from a lot of evidence he previously had. I wonder if these raids would ultimately be proved to be fruit of that "poison tree?" The YFZ evidence in Arizona IS such fruit, at this time.

Matt's problem now on all fronts is anything he collects in any way shape or form, his opposition will howl that he only knew about this or that because he peeked at ranch evidence. I know if I were representing any client being searched right now, I would already be howling.

(UPDATE 2) If it's not a fishing expedition (see above), it looks that way to local residents:
"Glen Jeffs, also a volunteer firefighter, said authorities were 'on a fishing trip looking for something.'

Attorneys general in Utah and Arizona backed a court takeover of the community's United Effort Plan Trust in 2005. The trust holds virtually all property in the two towns."
Clearly, the law is regarded as lawless.

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Question, how can a blog which does nothing but kvetch about the FLDS (and me) be that big?

I mean, their rise is nothing short of meteoric. They should issue stock.

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