Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raw Milk and Religion are Bad for you.

Food, Sex and Religion, it used to be "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll."
The Daily Caller - " 'They came in the dark, shining bright flashlights while my family was asleep, keeping me from milking my cows, from my family, from breakfast with my family and from our morning devotions, and alarming my children enough so that the first question they asked my wife was, "Is Daddy going to jail?" '

That’s how Amish farmer Dan Allgyer described an early morning visit last week from two FDA agents, two U.S. Marshals, and a Pennsylvania state trooper. Apparently, investigating a single farmer for possibly trafficking raw milk across state lines requires a show of force.

'I became aware of the cars as soon as I walked out on the sidewalk as part of my morning routine around 4:30 a.m. and immediately said to myself something is going on,' Allgyer wrote in a statement for the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association. 'I was watching and noticed three cars were cruising down right behind each other, and immediately thought, hey, that looks like trouble. I watched and pretty soon one car came back and parked on my neighbor’s farm, on private property.'

After tooling around, the cars showed up Allgyer’s property. 'They all got out of their vehicles – five men all together–with big bright flashlights they were shining all around. My wife and family were still asleep. When they couldn’t find anybody, they prepared to knock on the door of my darkened house. Just before they got to the house I stepped out of the barn and hollered at them, then they came up to me and introduced themselves.'

Without telling him what is was, one of the agents handed Allgyer an FDA warrant that allowed the agents to inspect Allgyer’s farm. The warrant read: 'You are authorized to take all necessary actions, including, but not limited to, the use of reasonable force, to effectuate entry to the above-named premises, the land and buildings located there, at reasonable times during ordinary business hours and to remain thereon to inspect within reasonable limits and in a reasonable manner all portions' of Allgyer’s farm."
And so the strange parallels between multiple wives, pedophilia, raw milk and Natural Foods continue. We are "Modern" now, and being "Modern" means we don't do that dumb stuff anymore.

We don't eat food from the farm.

Girls don't marry at 15.

We don't believe Noah's Ark ever existed.

King David, a "man after God's own heart" just couldn't be expected to understand that God was an ERA supporter, and that polygyny IS ALWAYS abuse. Silly creation stories outlining an order of creation as being instructive in day to day life, that's just a sign of insanity.

If you believe that dumb book Gideon is forever forgetting in Hotel Rooms, you are dangerous. Project Megiddo lives on.

If you train people to believe a thing, and turn them loose with nothing to do, well, what will they do? I think it's safe to say that the statists (the political left), see religion as a bastion of sexism, odd belief and potential violence. The name may change, but if you equip emergency responders with a mental picture of the enemy and the personnel and equipment to pursue them, they will.

And so they go about, with increasingly vague warrants based on less and less information. It's less and less hard to believe the Randy Weavers of the world when they claim not to know who their attackers are, and shoot back.

So far in the last two years, vague warrants and inappropriate force have been chronicled three times by this blog.


The Manna Storehouse.

And now Dan Allgyer, the Raw Milk Distributing, violence forswearing Amish Farmer of "Rainbow Acres Farm."

Hat tip to Rob Port.

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Vulture said...

I'm very glad that you caught this little item. You are quite correct in your critique. Our stateist government IS inculcating an attitude in the law enforcement community (already prepossessed with an "us vs. them" mentality) to regard "the religious" as dangerous kooks.

First it was the FLDS. Now it's the Amish. Who's next? You crazy Calvinists? :)

The Pharisee said...

Give me Predestination! Or Give me Death!