Friday, April 02, 2010

Two Years Later, all that is left, is misinformation

Betty Jessop
The condition of journalism today, is largely a reflection of the condition of our own minds. Logic applied to this ABC News analysis would cost the writers their jobs, but it doesn't, because we have long since ceased to apply logic, as a society:
"Former members of the polygamist sect that was raided two years ago say they are encouraged by tough sentences handed down by courts in recent months, but said that the secretive group is as a strong as ever."
In one sentence, there is an internal contradiction that will be repeated in this story. Perhaps the writer is a fan of "synthesis," thinking we arrive at truth by merging contradictions. If so, the writer is so fuzzy on that blurry concept that they have lost track of even that distorted view of the truth.

How are you encouraged by "strong sentences" if they are not breaking the will of your enemy, but instead, seemingly, making them stronger? In addition, in a theme repeated by the hateful "Antis," the human sacrifice of example must be applied to an undeserving victim to advance their agenda.


If the sentences are extraordinarily harsh, and out of proportion with sentences handed down to other "sex offenders," then we have demanded of the "offender" that they pay more than they ought, for the sake of an agenda being advanced. We might as well throw someone into a volcano to appease some "god."

If the sentences are NOT extraordinarily harsh, then the hatred of the "Antis" is revealed again, because they cannot focus on the greater damage to society occurring every day with other sex offenders flying under the radar while former FLDS members revel and rejoice while their own special focuses of vitriol are roasted alive. The rest of the world and it's children can go to hell while they sit back and bask in the glowing fire of their enemies suffering.
"So far, four of the 12 members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who were accused of child abuse have been convicted and sentenced to prison.

'These convictions are a really big deal. They're game changers and it's significant,' said Carolyn Jessop, who escaped from the FLDS sect in Colorado City, Ariz., seven years ago."
What, is this a book deal promotion? Carolyn Jessop "escaped?" Are we just reminding people what the title of her book is? Many people have "escaped" from the FLDS, as many as want to. "Escape" is a connotation laden word implying imprisonment, making a break for it, and "Getting Away" from pursuers.

The evidence says you can "walk away" from the FLDS, anytime you want to. The author of the story neglects to mention that Carolyn's own daughter Betty "escaped" from her and went back to FLDS.
" '(T)here is still a side to the FLDS that thinks they are invincible and that these trials are a joke and that if a few men go to prison for the cause, the group will still be fine,' said Jessop. The group burst into the national spotlight after the April 3, 2008 raid of the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas. People were stunned not only by the charges of polygamy and child brides, but because of the pastel prairie clothes, braided hairstyles and submissive attitude of the ranch's women."
One is tempted to simply allow their brain to leap out of their skull and start smashing itself into whatever wall there is available.

There is "Still a SIDE to the FLDS?" Um, Carolyn, how about "the whole group?" Pretty much it seems the "side" she speaks of is the vast majority of the FLDS. She seems to imply here that the FLDS is a divided group with a faction holding sway, when outward evidence suggests that the "factions" of the FLDS consist of a small rebellious minority that regularly leaves the group and then is stunned when no one follows, such as Carolyn, Elissa and Flora. By using these terms, and also having the writer repeat them without modification or observation of any kind, the writer is not being a reporter, but an advocate, mouthpiece and publicist for the "side" of the FLDS that pretty much isn't FLDS any longer.

Carolyn and the writer imply strongly that there is a "side" within the group still, that longs to be as she is. Except, in two years none of those "rescued" that needed to "escape" from the ranch, have taken advantage of their opportunity to "escape." They have in fact fought tooth and nail, to get back, like her own daughter Betty.
"Carolyn Jessop characterizes the recent 75-year prison sentence as 'unbelievable,' saying that the FLDS has believed for generations 'that they live above the law.' Even so, she says that unless the veil of secrecy that has long overshadowed the sect is lifted, the group will continue to thrive.

'If these men go to prison and don't say anything, [their convictions] might not have any impact on the group,' she said. 'The only way I can see it having a profound impact is if someone is willing to talk for a reduced sentence.' "
And here Carolyn's hateful motivations and immorality are made clear. She's part of a group that wishes to use long prison sentences to extort information from the convicted.

"Keep Convicting Them," she is saying, "Keep Sentencing Them to LIFELONG TORMENT (until someone talks)."

I hate to break it to Carolyn, but if you truly believe that the Path to Heaven and Place in the Afterlife is along the lines that the FLDS believe it to be, this would be the equivalent of selling your soul for Raymond, Merril Allen Keate or Michael Emack. Would you indeed trade your immortal soul for relief in this life? 35 or less of your remaining years on this earth, for an eternity in Torment?
"[The sect] depends on secrecy," she said. "The minute the secrecy is taken away, then the crimes will have to be prosecuted."

"These men know what is going on at that ranch and in the entire community and they've witnessed the worst," she added.
Carolyn Jessop
Yup, that's it. They're the Nazi's that imprison her people who long to be let go from their concentration camp. They should be subjected to increasing torments, until someone confesses.

What's next Carolyn? Do you want to send them all to some CIA torture camp outside the country to be waterboarded until they give it up?
"Mary Mackert, another former FLDS member who left the group and her six sister wives in 1984, agrees with Carolyn Jessop, and says that while the news of the convictions 'makes her smile,' she said there is much more to be done."
If you doubted me, simply read the above again. Mary Mackert "agrees" with Carolyn Jessop. What is her attitude? The extraordinary punishments of the FLDS members convicted so far "make her smile."

For them, the ends justify the means:
"Both Mackert and Jessop said the investigation of the Yearning For Zion Ranch in 2008 was successful in that it brought light to the crimes the members allegedly commit, but said it failed in terms of the children."
And for the FLDS? I have a point to make, when you don't tell your side of the story loudly enough, the revisionism takes full hold, and today's writers, who don't research their stories, repeat lies:
"In the days following the raid, 439 children were taken from their parents and put into foster care, running up a tab for the state of Texas that exceeded $12 million in just 2009. Legal fees since then have not been calculated. All but one child has since been returned to the ranch."
This gives the impression that Texas still holds Merrianne Jessop.
"It broke my heart to see the judge turn those children back," said Mackert.
I suppose we should care about Mary's heart, far away in Idaho, about kids that aren't hers, as opposed to the parent's hearts, in Texas, with relation to kids that ARE theirs. To say nothing of the kids themselves.

And now, another one of those contradiction laden passages:
"Jessop also questioned why the children were returned.

'When the state went in and took the kids, I thought once they interfered they had an obligation to follow through. They had an obligation and not just put the kids back in it and close their eyes. That to me was completely betrayal for these children,' she said.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services declined to comment for this story. In previous media accounts, the agency has defended the raid and has said they would do it again if they received more reports of child abuse. The children were returned to the ranch due to a lack of evidence of abuse to those children.

'Because the state dropped the ball on the kids, the FLDS community was very much strengthened because inside, they feel like the sky is the limit and they're untouchable,' said Carolyn Jessop, who still communicates with sect members, including family members."
The state defends the raid, Carolyn thinks they dropped the ball, but the CHILDREN were returned because there was a LACK of EVIDENCE of ABUSE to those children.

Carolyn is again held up as some sort of expert on internal FLDS workings, and the state has listened to her with regard to what happens there, and given her almost all she wishes in terms of pressure applied the FLDS, and they haven't cracked.

Wise up Carolyn, you said it yourself: "The FLDS community is very much strengthened." Wait for it though, she's not through contradicting herself.
"(Mary and Carolyn) say that while they will never stop talking about their own experiences, current FDLS members are the ones that really have the power to end what they call a life of 'emotional and physical torture.'

'The people at the top [in the sect] are nervous,' said Jessop. 'They don't admit it to a lot of people, but they are.'

'How could they not be nervous?' echoed Mackert. 'It's becoming a reality that they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars.' "
Yup, the emotional abuse and torture Carolyn's own daughter couldn't wait to subject herself to again. The emotional abuse and torture that Mary and Carolyn seemed trapped in for the rest of their own lives.

Get over it gals.

It's over. I have an ex. I lost everything. Kids and all. I don't spend any more time than is absolutely necessary thinking about her. It only hurts me and if I'm really unlucky, everyone around me when I can't zip my lip about it. Don't be such losers.

In my experience, a good deal of ex wives are like suicides. They leave a marriage, they kill it, and then they hang around to see if their ex, got the message. Finally.
"Think I'm gonna kill myself, cause a little suicide, stick around for a couple of days, what a scandal if I died.

Yeah, I'm gonna kill myself, get a little headline news. I'd like to see what the papers say..." (Bernie Taupin)
Unfortunately, for those of us left behind, the ghosts of divorce are all too real. Carolyn and Mary still want the attention, and are going to hairlip the devil to get it.

It is also true that Mary and Carolyn seem to be engaging in a little wishful thinking. The leaders are "nervous." Of course, she has no actual communication with them to know this, but, they're nervous. Aren't they? They'd have to be. Wouldn't they?

Stunningly, or perhaps really not so stunningly, the "unpersoning" (damnatio memoriae) of Rozita Swinton is now complete. In not one place in this story is she mentioned. In the popular retelling we'll just keep applying a little makeup to that "unsightly area" until it is gone altogether.

Rozita Swinton, Babysitting, Thanksgiving 2008, Burley ID
I did do the follow up on Rozita's Douglas County probation violation. Her probation officer was persuaded to not file a report against her, alleging violation of her previous conviction's terms of probation in Douglas County. She was "granted a new trial," the charges were dropped, and the whole matter went away.

Just like David Foley said it would happen. Except he left out a few nasty details, like she'd been convicted before, and than some major arm twisting went on to get the new trial, dropped charge and eventual vaporizing of Rozita's previous crime to that of the El Paso county conviction.

David Foley has also said that Texas has agreed to drop the charges against Rozita. I believe him even though Texas denies it.

But Carolyn and Mary hang around. Rozita and the real causes behind YFZ fade into the sunset and diminish. And ABC news retells the story, until we get it "right."

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I_hate_bigots said...

I can tell you why they are still encouraged by the long sentences even though it made the group stronger.

It's because they never really wanted to bring about any change.

Read some of the comments on the anti-polygamy blogs. You will see a vast number of comments happy with the sentences SO THE MEN WILL NOT PRODUCE MORE CHILDREN.

I think this is one of the reasons for such long sentences for Raymond. It was not to punish him but to prevent him from fathering children.

This is not something I'm reading into in posts - this is what posts have explicitly said.

Look at what Dan Fischer is doing. Very little of his money goes to actually providing housing and job training to youth. Most of the money was spent on hiring lawyers who wanted to take homes of the children. Shows where his priorities are.

As for Rozita, I hope she realizes there are some people who will NEVER forget. But as I said before, I think she was just a sick, stupid person used by LE. The real horror is there is a high probability of sociopaths in LE and no one cares. These people are still in their position of trust and power - and most likely will strike innocent people once again.

The Pharisee said...

We should all be careful to confine our "remembering" Rozita to simply not forgetting the storyline, and the injustice and the lack of investigation.

Rozita herself, we should leave to the judgment of God who knows all. As with anyone, I hope for her mercy, not judgment, since none of us would survive his gaze without his mercy.

cheese said...

I'd give fifty bucks to see which blog she's reading in the pic!

mrscottyl said...

As a person who did a double major, one being Theology and the other being Journalism, I can tell you that the journalism today is absolutely no better than the yellow journalism of the late 1800's to early 1900's. Journalists do not state the facts as they claim, but rather state their own opinions and call them facts. Great job in pointing out the fallacies of their own arguments. Keep up the good work.

The Pharisee said...


I was being as kind as I could. "Journalism," was not, at one time, a complementary term, it was an epithet more in line with the "yellow journalism" you mention.

Most reporters today are simply taking press releases and re writing them. In broadcasting, we used to call such types, "rip 'n' read."