Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earthquake in Warren's Case

FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs
The Utah Attorney General's office is stepping out of the way, and letting Warren have his way:
"The (Utah) Attorney General’s Office told the Utah Supreme Court that it would not oppose a defense request for a stay of Jeffs’ appeal to allow for an investigation and an evidentiary hearing on the new allegations.

Assistant Attorney General Laura Dupaix wrote in the notice that Utah prosecutors were not aware of this potential evidence at the time of trial and had only learned about it two days ago. She wrote that the Attorney General’s Office is "ethically bound to provide notice of this potential newly-discovered evidence both to the Court and to Jeffs’ Utah Counsel.' "
This is major. It may lead to the conviction being laid aside and no new trial. If Elissa forged evidence, she is no longer a credible witness against anyone. Warren's conviction depends entirely on a credible Elissa Wall. Read more here.

The reason you don't appeal when you're in the process of appeal is simple. You expect the conviction to be reversed. Rather than play the obstructionist, the Utah AG's office is rolling out the red carpet for Warren's defense. That means not only do they believe what was heard from Jane Blackmore, but they don't think that when the facts are revealed, they could sell any other interpretation of them.

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I_hate_bigots said...

It seems like there is now a good chance Jeffs will not die in prison. Prior to the raid, no one thought he would ever be free again.

He has already served the max in the AZ case. The Texas case will be overturned (it might take five years but it will be). So this leaves the Utah case.

There will never be another UT conviction.

Jam Inn said...

I think the Federal flight case is highly likely to cause another Utah conviction. You are forgeting about the UEPTrust case producing any felony charges. If UEPTrust funds were spent outside of Utah without trust approvals/records the charge of felony frauds/embezzlement would be made.

The Pharisee said...

At some point Jam, the fact that one charge depends on another and that "Federal Flight" charges may be for "Flight from no crime at all" WILL become a factor.