Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inquiring Minds, want to know (slightly updated)

Almost certainly not Da Blues.
"A" TxBluesMan


Natalie Malonis:
"Scott Reib is NOT Txbluesman. Unequivocally.

Scott and I did share offices but we do not any longer. Whatever you are looking at that shows me as sharing an office with him is outdated and has been for some time. We worked together, shared clients, shared revenue and expenses. Neither of us was employed by the other. We still work together at times, but we don’t office together and don’t have the same association and shared costs or revenue. Scott is one of the kindest, most sincere, upstanding people I have had the fortune of knowing. He is an outstanding lawyer and an even better human being. That is who you are trying to harm."
That is from her email to me, yesterday.
"Wrong again, pinhead.

I am not Scott Reib and have never been afiliated (sic) with OU's American Indian Law Journal, other than to read it.

Nice try though. Better than your last efforts.

Remember, you can't spell Pharisee, without "Phare." Sorta. And Scott Reib only claims to appear on a list in the American Indian Law Journal.

LATEST UPDATE: I have found about three "clearer" pictures of "TxBluesMan" as pictured above. Those pictures are not J. Scott Reib Jr. At this time, if I were to say Scott=TxBluesMan of "Coram Non Judice," then I'd have to say the blogger in question is certainly a committee, or the man pictured in the fuzzy picture above, is just ANOTHER man on the internet who thinks of himself as the "TxBluesMan." The man in the "Silverton" Colorado Sweatshirt though (in the clearer pictures), IS NOT attorney J. Scott Reib Jr.

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mrscottyl said...

Me thinks they doth protest too much.

So if they are not who you suggest they might be, then they could take legal action if they deem your words to be defimation. They are of course lawyers, albeit not real good ones either, which could be an excuse for them not to sue. But then again, all this denial could point to you being onto something. You know, where there is smoke, there is a fire. And they could just ignore you, but for some reason, they just can not resist. If I was a member of a jury picked to hear the arguments put forth by both you and them, I would have to side with you on this one. But then again, most lawyers are not that ethical to begin with and go where the money is, so it would not surprise me to see more dodging and smoke on their part.


I_hate_bigots said...

What is the picture on the right?

So here's a list of Nat's current and former clients related to the FLDS:

A. FLDS mother (former)

B. FLDS minor (former). Nat made the UEP assets an issue in this case.

C. Person who is suing a FLDS member(who she also deposed in minor's case about UEP assets).

D. Nat was a State's witness in a Grand Jury who indicted person she is suing for "C" and who she deposed for "A"

E. Lawyer for UEP trustee who is attempted to take away land A and B live or have lived on. UEP also uses C as an advisor.

F. Lawyer for some type of sock puppet who publishes very a lot of information about "C" case and is very critical of the FLDS in general.

Wow - and NONE of these inter-related cases might conflict or have opposing views?

The Pharisee said...

The picture on the right is "TxBluesMan." "TxBluesMan" has or had a huge interest in "Treasure Hunting," Coin Collecting by means of metal detection.

That particular "Blues" is the same as our "TxBluesMan." He strongly resembles J. Scott Reib Jr., but we must allow for the fact that the picture quality is poor for the right.

Nevertheless, cheekbones, nose, jawline, taper of the the ears and general build seem to match well with J. Scott Reib Jr.

If they are not the same people it's a pretty wild coincidence but pretty wild coincidences do happen and perversely happen when you are the most sure of yourself to very negative consequence.

I guess all I'm saying is that I'd subpoena Scott, if I were looking for Blues.

Our problem is that Blues lies but we don't know what about, or when.

For instance, the coin hunting blues who sports the picture on the right has stated publicly, back in 2005, "I'm not a lawyer," and this being prior to the YFZ raid, I'd say he wasn't doing that to misdirect us.

He could have said this for several reasons, one of which was "I'm not a lawyer where you are." But he went on to say he had a relative in the area that was, and proceeded to quote law.

I have indicators that suggest Reib is conventionally Christian in a conservative vein, but our "Blues" has dissed Christianity pretty hard to me. Woe to him then as he has denied Christ, when he was a Christian.

If I were to say "TxBlueMan" the "Happy Hunting" coin collector is "TxBluesMan" of Coram Non Judice infamy, I'd be pretty confident of that. I'd bet the farm there.

The picture I used on the right, could have been inserted into the record after the raid, but no later than May of 2009.

The degree of certainty declines as you try to make the leap to from "TxBluesMan" the coin collecting, FLDS hating blogger/bulletin board poster. There's enough wiggle room that we can only speculate but the picture speaks volumes.

If TxBluesMan is not James Scott Reib Jr., bar card 00797296, who Natalie has confessed to working with and sharing offices with, it's one of those wild coincidences and I need to stop this, and start playing the lottery before I use up all my "luck."

It would appear I found twin sons of different mothers who don't know anything about each other.


I doubt Mr Reib is TXBluesMan as TBM's primary clients are police officers and possibly Indian tribes and their members, if memory serves me well. Mr Reib doesn't specialize in those areas. I'd bet that TBMcould be discovered by any reasonably good TX PI using what he's posted on his blog: OU graduate (unsure of which degree), Texas attorney, representing law enforcement, and probably lives in the Dallas, Denton, Collins, or Tarrant (Ft Worth) counties.

The Pharisee said...

One thing for sure is that the "TxBluesMan" who goes "treasure hunting" with a Metal Dectector, is the same guy as the one who hates the FLDS.

I have my doubts about Reib as well, it's just startling how many features of TBM's life as TBM describes that life, fit those of Reib.

If you assume that TBM in any incarnation is truthful, except for who TBM is, TBM lives in Amarillo, or did, or regularly frequented Amarillo in the 2005 time frame. That guy lists his address as the "Amarillo Country Club," probably because he spends time there and uses his metal detector.

I still don't know but like I said, it's such a close match that I'd serve Reib if I were looking for TBM. At least, I'd interview him.

There's always the possibility that Nat stole the intimate details of Reib's life to flesh out a fictitious character, and I'm just chasing around filing what's known as a "File Zebra."

The Pharisee said...

For those of you following this thread, the two pictures above, are not of the same man. I've found conclusive evidence to the contrary.

I'd caution that one of the theories I have been operating on since last year, is that the Blogger at, is actually more than one person.

In fact the first owner of that name, the man who set up that identity or "facilitated" it's creation may not contribute a lot, day to day, to it's content.