Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hildale Mayor David Zitting Speaks Out on the YFZ Anniversary Raid.

Hildale Mayor David Zitting
The normally quiet St. George Spectrum has the story:
The Spectrum - " 'We don’t know the reasoning behind it,' said Hildale Mayor David Zitting. 'Yes, there’s been search warrants for fire stations in both communities. It’s centered on the fire department, coming from Arizona. The Washington County (Utah) Sheriff’s department is assisting, but it’s an Arizona action.'

Zitting said the two communities signed an interlocal agreement, combining funds from the Hildale city budget and Colorado City Fire Special Service District to provide protection for the region.

He said he’s unsure how much is in the Colorado City budget, but estimates the Hildale Fire Department budget at about $200,000.

'It’s passed every year, audited by independent auditors, so I don’t know where the budget can be a concern,' Zitting said."
Zitting seems to be waking up to something. It's not that he's clueless, it's more that he is (or was) trusting:
"There has also been impetus from the attorneys general of Utah and Arizona to have the two cities disincorporated.

'It has a tremendous impact,' Zitting said of the presence of approximately 50 law enforcement officers in the twin cities. 'What can you do but try to carry on? Of course, it has impact on the public perspective for one thing and there seems to be no end to them (law enforcement) trying to find another way to come after the cities.'

'It began with people who lived in the cities and became disenchanted. It escalated after that. We just try to carry on from day to day. We don’t know what’s coming from one day to the next, but it’s not something I fret over or that we make a big issue in our mind.'

Zitting is still incredulous about the attempt to disincorporate the twin cities.

'It’s just one issue after another,' he said. 'The thing that really amazes me is if they can invent a way to force disincorporation of a public entity in America, something's wrong with that.' "
Mayor. They hate you.

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duaneh1 said...

Could this be what they are after?

"The Fire Department wants to do the very best they can for the citizens and wants to help them," Barlow said. "Now all of their records are being exposed ... we have protected medical histories on thousands of patients — all in the name of the county attorney's office investigation."


The Pharisee said...

I think it's safe to say that the various LE agencies are cooking up whatever pretext they can come up with to go fishing.