Thursday, April 08, 2010

Matt Smith may not be talking, but Bruce Wisan can't shut up.

Of course he is a neutral party, not wasting money, and completely and only concerned with protecting the "beneficiaries of the Trust."
Matt Smith may be circumspect, but Bruce is effusive about the Tuesday raid:
KTVX-TV - "The other investigation was spurred by discoveries made by Bruce Wisan, an accountant appointed by a Utah judge to oversee the trust that owns just about all the land in the twin towns. Curious why the Twin City Water Works was not paying for trust for water, Wisan asked for an accounting. When Joseph Allred, the man who apparently runs Water Works refused, Wisan went to the judge. 'We subpoenaed the bank records,' said Wisan.

What he got stacks of checks from that subpoena. The checks represented payments made over a seven year period by Twin City Water Works - 4.3-million dollars in payments by a non-profit company that only wholesales water and maintains a few wells.

Wisan said many of the payments were to various construction companies and suppliers of construction materials. One example: $53,434 paid to David Richter for cabinets. Wisan asks, 'What are all of these construction expenses?' A good question since we could not even find an office for the company.

Wisan said, 'We think at least 50% of the money was spent on personal expenses.' As evidence, he point to a 2006 letter written by Allred to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs. Allred wrote, 'I am seeking counsel on whether or not to continue paying some home bills from the company funds.'

Allred does have a large home. A source tells ABC 4 Allred is living and working out of the compound on Utah Avenue in Hildale that was once home to former FLDS prophet Rulon Jeffs.

Allred was also apparently charitable with Water Works money. He gave $145,103 to the FLDS Bishop's Storehouse. $32,000 was specifically identified as 'donations and contributions.' Wisan concluded, 'In my opinion as a CPA, this is just a slush fund for FLDS leadership.'

If that's the case, then the next raid target Allred and not the fire department."
Except the Affidavit for the Warrants, doesn't read like that. At least not for that amount of money, or those exact expenses. It's more of a computer database grab.

It would appear ABC 4 went to Wisan, the all knowing, to find out "what happened." Maybe they should just let him anchor the news.

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