Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's finally up (That Polygamy Show)

What was it? Two weeks ago?

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mrscottyl said...

Yes, sadly it was. Our computer that we use for taping and editing crashed, and so it had to be fixed. But it is up and a great great interview. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might say there may be a link between both of our computers going down, and I could further ask if someone did not want the message going out?

Thanks Hugh for being our guest, I thoroughly enjoyed having you on. And again, you are welcome anytime.


The Pharisee said...

There some interesting developments I will at least be blogging about soon. Late last week there was FBI testimony in the pretrial that pertains directly to this.

mrscottyl said...

I look forward to the information. With everything going on at Wikipedia, with the moderators pushing for more kiddie porn and the foundation president fighting them, it makes me wonder if those that ousted you have a hand in the kiddie porn business? Could it be that they have a stake in getting the children away from the FLDS so that there are more children to abuse? Just wondering.