Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Blast From the Past

Let's go back in time:
US Attorney Brett Tolman
"Federal authorities have been probing allegations of crimes involving the Fundamentalist LDS Church and its leader Warren Jeffs for years — but have been unable to develop enough probable cause to launch a full-scale investigation or bring charges.
'Those cases where you hear rumor and innuendo about child brides and corruption, we have to have reasonable suspicion to open an investigation,' U.S. Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman said Thursday. 'Beyond that, we have to have probable cause to even get search warrants and grand jury subpoenas. That we have not been able to establish on numerous occasions.'

In an extensive interview with the Deseret News on Thursday (May 1st, 2008) Tolman and Tim Fuhrman, the special agent-in-charge of the Salt Lake City office of the FBI, detailed their efforts to investigate crimes within the FLDS Church. They also spoke against the need for a federal task force on polygamy-related crimes, despite a push by the U.S. Senate majority leader and the Utah and Arizona attorneys general."
That's four weeks after the raid. The FBI HAD NOTHING. They were still saying it.

Then enters the Shadowy Special Agent Johnathan Wilson Broadway? A man with Colorado Connections who neatly withholds information on Rozita's involvement from Texas Rangers, until after the raid is over.

FBI Special Agent J W Broadway, who leans on Anti FLDS forces that are not too bright, when they stray too close to sensitive material?

Brett Tolman also says:
"The crimes that are being alleged or that there is suspicion, these are predominantly state crimes. I think it's a rush to judgment to think that a federal task force is the answer."
So they have nothing at the FBI. They can't prosecute sex crimes unless they are Mann Act stuff.
"Right now, Tolman said that all his office has is suspicion and nothing more. Child abuse, rape and incest are all state-level crimes. So is bigamy.

'We have the ability to prosecute transferring or crossing state lines for purposes of sex, and we had a case a couple of years ago that we investigated,' Tolman said. 'When the young woman was interviewed, she indicated that no sex had ever occurred. At that point we're very limited outside some evidence to help us establish probable cause.' "
So we have a stymied FBI and no cry for help.

Let's go even farther back, to April 10th, the day before Special Agent Broadway "officially" hands Rozita's name to Brooks Long:
MSNBC/AP - "On Thursday (April 10th, 2008) state and local law enforcement authorities defended their decision to leave the sect alone for four years after it moved in.

'We are aware that this group is capable of' sexually abusing girls, Sheriff David Doran said. 'But there again, this is the United States. We are going to respect them. We're not going to violate their civil rights until we get an outcry.' "
Sheriff David Doran
So I guess we're waiting for a fake call to violate their rights. The FBI can't move, because outcries will be based on violations of local Law, and from the tone of this quote, Doran is feeling the pressure. It's been four years, they've got nothing.

The FBI wants at them, but complains there's that nasty constitution standing in the way. Locals want at the FLDS, but also, there's that troublesome document again.

When exactly did FBI Special Agent Broadway move to San Angelo, from Douglas County, where Rozita was convicted for faking being a little girl in distress?

Evidence dug up by the Pharisees VAST network of researchers say it was sometime after 2002. Agent Broadway appears to have been first stationed in Dallas, and then moved out to San Angelo. He seems to have lived there before, moving from Texas to Colorado and then back to Texas again, probably Dallas, and then out to San Angelo.

So he's been waiting four years too.  Are both men getting a little impatient?  I know the Doran article above makes him sound like he's wanted something to break for a while.

Did they just get tired of waiting and decide to prime the pump? Did Broadway "call someone" he knew in Colorado and "order up" a cry for help?

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I_hate_bigots said...

This is almost too crazy to believe.

Why wasn't this brought up when they were trying to suppress the warrants?

If what you are saying is true, there seems to be plenty of evidence to confict a number of LE.

The FBI HAD to have this information at the very start. How could they let a person rot in prison for 75 years and not disclose this info?

What about this guys past cases, did any info come from "calls". You know "calls" they were never able to trace to a real person?

The Pharisee said...

Probably because it is almost too crazy to believe, but, sadly, the truth is often stranger than fiction - (Lord Byron/Josiah Henson).

No one wants to believe it goes this deep and in truth, I don't either. Nevertheless I have now found the most likely candidate as the man in the FBI who contacted Agent Steve A. Smith of the Colorado Springs office of the FBI.

Unless Agent Smith lied to me (I cannot imagine any reason WHY he would do so) and Lt. Sean Mandel of the CSPD lied to me (again, I cannot imagine any reason for them to do so) the affidavit supporting the arrest warrant of Rozita Swinton in April of 2008, bare minimum, IMPLIES false things.

Namely that Texas Ranger Lt. Brooks Long called Lt. Mandel (CSPD) to ask about a phone number.

The speculative part of this narrative is only WHO it was on the Texas side that first called Steve Smith. It was almost certainly FBI Special Agent Johnathan W. Broadway, who used to work in Colorado for the FBI, before transferring to Texas in the approximate time frame of 2002.

So, we have the circumstantially supported assertion that it was Broadway that was the holder/clearing house/contact for all things pertaining to Rozita, and he comes from the FBI in Colorado. He is now in Texas. This may provide for him a network of "old boy" contacts in Colorado.

He holds (for days, maybe hours) information from the Texas Rangers (at least we are led to believe this) until the 11th.

It is probable that on the 10th-11th of April 2008 or before, Agent Broadway contacted Agent Smith and told him to set up a call between CSPD and Ranger Long.

What we do know is that whoever it was that contacted Agent Smith, the information flows from Agent Smith in the form of a handwritten note to then Sgt. Mandel (on detached duty with the FBI Task force) who then makes a special trip to CSPD to deliver the note to Hugh Velasquez of CSPD. THEN Ranger long, (speculation again, but well founded) receives the communication about WHO to talk to at CSPD and Long calls.

The fact that Broadway worked in Colorado now makes the "set up" time for a back channel communication potentially a bit shorter, but still these sorts of things take time.

All evidence says that Broadway SAT on the information, however briefly, and he at LEAST received it while the raid was ongoing.

Broadway KNEW to plead "ongoing investigation" to avoid answering the question, so it is clear he was in the middle of it.

Bare minimum, the FBI has not been forthcoming, and has now done everything in it's power to make it LOOK like they covered up impeaching evidence regarding the call and warrant.

If they didn't want it to look like that, they should have been very public about what they knew, and when they knew it, at least in the form of communicating that information instantly to Judge Walther.

There is no record that they did so.