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What we have here, is (a) failure to communicate (UPDATED)

Often, more often than not, if you're looking for someone or something intently, you can't see it because you're STANDING on it.
What we've got here is, failure to communicate:
From "The Truth Will Prevail" - "Although she had not phoned other agencies since March 29, Rozita went wild on the night of the raid and began placing numerous calls to crisis centers in B.C., Canada, and in Utah as well as to the National Child Abuse Hotline and the Arizona Child Abuse Hotline. There seems to have been little response to any of these calls with the exception of one placed to a safe house for girls in Mission, B.C. on April 3. The caller gave her name as 'Sarah Barlow,' claiming that she was the 'Sarah' who had sparked the YFZ raid and that she was being kept in an FLDS 'compound' in Bountiful, B.C. Jeanene Nelson, the woman who received the call, contacted the Seattle, Washington, FBI Field Office on April 9. Asked why she had not given the information to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, she said that she had but they 'didn’t act like they were interested.' The Seattle Field Office phoned the San Antonio Division of the FBI to find anyone who might be interested in the information, which was finally communicated to Captain Caver and Ranger Long on April 11 by Special Agent John Broadway of the FBI San Angelo Resident Agency."
Your Modern Pharisee is a one armed Paper Hanger (or is that a one legged man in a butt kicking contest?) On occasion I get wonderful help from a couple of unnamed fellow travelers, but I can't count on it and it's often (far more often than not), uncoordinated.

Even my friends on the "inside" aren't always that helpful. I plead for information and usually don't get it. I dig in places that have already been mined out, I and others duplicate each others work. Agent Smith had said to me last year about his fellow agent, in Texas, calling him; "I'll recognize his name if I hear it." Then above little blurb gets published in "The Truth Will Prevail" a year later. I don't see Broadway's name, and we don't talk about it among ourselves.

I read the article, but as I do often, I'm skimming, looking for the familiar, and the bottom of the paragraph tidbit about Special Agent John W. Broadway? I missed it. That was four months ago. How long has Donald Richter known this? What we have here, is a "Failure to Communicate."

That little Strother Martinism could be said twice, (twice in Cool Hand Luke too), as that failure is at least foisted off on us by the FBI to possibly insulate Texas Rangers Brooks Long and Captain Caver from "knowing" about Rozita, until the raid was over. Supposedly Agent Broadway lets Long and Caver know on the 11th. The raid is officially put to bed on the 10th.

I've always said that if Long made any calls to CSPD on April 13th, he had to know something on the 11th (a Friday). These are Government employees people, and higher ranking ones. They don't work on weekends, unless they have to. If Long knew to call CSPD on Friday, then then FBI Special Agent John Broadway already had Rozita's name when he told him.

According to Donald Richter's article at "Truth," Jeanene Nelson called the Seattle field office of the FBI on the 9th. How convenient. Texas just finished removing all the children. The FBI moves in and does some poking around on the 10th, and THEN, and only then, we are to believe, John Broadway gives info to Long and Caver the next day, who sit on it until Sunday, and call. It would seem they are waiting to know who to call because first FBI Special Agent and Accountant John Broadway must find out who to call. Broadway-Smith-Mandel-Velasquez. Then you have to figure a note is passed back down the chain. Velasquez to Broadway, bare minimum. Long calls Mandel and/or Velasquez at CSPD. Voila! Long "finds out" about Rozita.

Only Special Agent Broadway probably knows already. How long did he know? Why does the Seattle Field Office call Special Agent John Broadway? From what I know, the man is an accountant, not a field agent. It is likely that Broadway knows this stuff when Seattle calls on the 9th. He's probably the clearing house for all things Rozita at this point.

All of this keeps pushing dates back, and now it pushes them back into the time frame where the raid was ongoing, and at least some of the children are still at the ranch. What does a sworn peace officer do in this case? Apparently sit on the info until the kids are safely stolen, bare minimum.

Again, I REPEAT, why does this clandestine back channel exist in the first place? We have cell phones and email and office phones and secretaries if we are in the FBI. WHY is there a POINT to POINT communication channel with RELAY RIDERS that hand carry notes out of sight of everyone?

WHEN was such a network set up? Building a pipeline takes time.

FBI Special Agent John Broadway seems to know Rozita's name on April 9th, 2008.

To use a pipeline to communicate (which MUST be built in advance) he must know that the pipeline goes to the right spot.

Unless some bizarre series of coincidences existed to have an "Old Boy" bathroom conversation network set up already (UPDATE: John Broadway has testified in a case with Denver connections), you have to build the channel because you already know you will need to use it. That means the channel is built no later than the 9th, and these things take time.

I don't know about you, but to me, unless these facts are just flat wrong, it's looking more and more like before ONE child was taken from the Ranch, the FBI already knew who Rozita Swinton was.

Another update, when researching Agent Broadway, it was discovered that he goes by "Johnathan W. Broadway" and "J W Broadway" as well as "Johnathan Broadway."

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