Thursday, May 06, 2010

Road Trip!

The Modern Pharisee will be On The Road (again), covering about 2/3rds of the northern portion of these United States.
I won't get as far as Idaho or Washington State. Then I'm coming back here to Vermont. The Road Trip starts Saturday Morning and if all goes well (God Willing!), it will end Monday Evening. If anyone wanted to say "Hi," along the way, now's the time to let me know where you are. I'll be in New York State, a small portion of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa (or Minnesota), South Dakota and "You Know Where." Even a teenie tiny part of Wyoming.

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I_hate_bigots said...

Leave your comment
Three days to go from the east coast to Wyoming AND back?

No way! Even the one way trip to Wyoming is going to take you 2-3 days. I have driven across the country many times and realize how difficult it can be - 750 miles may not seem like a lot - you figure 10 hours at 75 but it doesn't work that way. Between rest breaks, traffic slow downs, ect, 750 miles usually takes me about 15 hours.

You won't have time to say Hi to anyone.

Be careful in Iowa - they love to give tickets and use planes.

Have fun and try to stay awake.

The Pharisee said...

3 days to go OUT there, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

I'm getting back by another method and in another time frame. I won't be back in Vermont for about a week.

Carol said...

Ohio is another state that loves to give tickets and use planes.
They also love out of state license. Watch your speed there.
Be safe the complete trip.