Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mineola Evidence Missing (Stolen/Lost/Destroyed?)

Get a load of this. If the evidence is embarrassing to Texas Sex Prosecutions, it, um becomes "UnEvidence."
The Tyler Morning Telegraph - "(Dennis Boyd Pittman's Defense Attorney Jason) Cassel wants Child Protective Services to release copies of the tapes to him to see if it might help his client. But Jason Gillentine, a CPS supervisor, testified that the tapes Cassell is requesting do not exist and he does not know what happened to them."
That was two weeks ago. Three days after that, the local TV Station reports on the goings on:
KETK/NBC-Tyler - "CPS says they don’t know where they are, and Judge Skeen says only that the defense is entitled to them, if they exist."
"IF they EXIST?" Is this code speak for "If we can't find them then tough luck?" Bill Medvecky is promising to comment on this story, which he is more intimately familiar with, than I am.

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