Monday, May 31, 2010

The unnecessary use of SWAT teams

We've seen several cases chronicled here at the Modern Pharisee, starting with YFZ.
I'll qualify this with the realization that this interview occurred on Russian Television, and that while I don't really know, I think Mr. Balko is probably a left leaning journalist. Correct me someone, if I am wrong. I'm shooting from the hip here.

Nevertheless, I am aware that "Grits" is a left leaning blog. It's interesting that if your political stance is more or less "Libertarian," that you find intersections with "left leaners" on a regular basis.

Take it with a grain of salt but I have little to disagree with in Radley Balko's analysis. I am especially drawn to his assertion that the "Military" is not this "Militarized" in their use of such tactics, that in Iraq, more review is required to do this to Iraqis.

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