Monday, May 17, 2010

Road Trip On Again (I'd like to get to know you...)

I will be in the Seattle/Tacoma airport for 10 hours May 29th (Saturday, Memorial Day weekend). I will be traveling by car from Montpelier out West between the 20th (Thursday, the preceding week). Your chance to "Meet A Pharisee!"
While I am between jobs (let's hope), I am using this time to redistribute family resources (driving an antique Peugeot out west) and look for work. Purchasing the airline ticket represents the first step in giving up on the North East. I am saddened by the fact that I was only able to get thrown out of an OPC Church and that I was unable to actually Lobby in two legislative sessions here in Vermont.
I consider it instead to have been a "witness" in which I discovered that "Mainstream" Conservative Christianity will abandon any Reformation tenet in order to retain monogamy only doctrines and even regards same sex "married" couples as preferable to polygynists. This is made more sad by several other discoveries.

There are two predominant forms of Christian Polygynists. One is best described by a "live quietly beneath the radar and 'they' can't/won't get me" attitude. I have had it literally said to me that what happened at YFZ "won't happen to us." This was said on the two year anniversary of the taking of YFZ children.

The other attitude seems to be more a strange mixture of John Browns, Freemen, and the Christian Identity Movement. In this group there is a desire to draw a line and declare that "we alone know what the Constitution means and we alone know what the Bible means." This group has got a chip on it's shoulder and seeks confrontation with Federal, Local and State government.

In the case of the confrontational group, I admit to sharing a good percentage of their views in terms of Constitutional interpretation, and since it is a rather broad spectrum of views (apart from polygyny) that we share on scripture, it's harder to nail down what we believe there, except to say that there is a stink of liberalism and progressive revelation and the nastiest of cult belief.

In the latter case, that assessment is not likely to make me any friends. If correct about such people, there wouldn't be much to talk about anyway. My goal would be to seek out a true vision of what such a person was about, probably attempt briefly to dissuade them from their path, and later maybe even warn others about them, as wolves. If you'd like to sit down and talk under those circumstances, I'd love to talk.

In the former case, I see those who hide as truly, not needing to be polygynists. It's not that I think we should be out in the world stirring things up and declaring some variation of "We're Fierce, We're Polygynists and We're in Your Face," it's that if your polygyny offends your witness, you shouldn't do it. People should know you're a Christian if the topic comes up. If you have to hide, live quietly, and "live off the grid," well then you're not much of a believer, in a world of 7 billion people that needs your witness.

I am a Christian Polygynist in terms of belief and (in the past) practice. I don't smear it in everyone's face (surprisingly the internet does not count) as evidenced by the fact that I didn't tell any rank and file member of my church and they didn't find out until church leadership chose to out me. They did not know for a year and a half, and might still not know, if it wasn't for that "outing."

I think the Scriptures teach submission to authority, something we have to believe if we are Christian Polygynists. We should try to be a part of the widest possible fellowship we can, without sacrificing our Biblically based beliefs, and we should see to live openly and at peace with all, including our Government, no matter how far they have strayed from the founding principles of our nation.

I have a plan, to do that. It might be a bit of an eyebrow raiser to know that I didn't expect lobbying to make the practice legal. I do expect lobbying to play a part though.

I'd like to meet some of you, if you're along my route. As noted, I'll be in the Seattle airport most of Saturday on Memorial Day weekend. I will be driving cross country as far as Missoula Montana, starting anytime after Thursday Morning, this week. The closer I get to the Memorial Day weekend, the fewer opportunities for visiting I have. I will be more concerned as May 29th approaches, with GETTING to Missoula, than stopping to chat.

I'll even talk with enemies if they wish to surface. Though I have been at this, for almost 20 years now, I have met none of you. I'd like that to change.

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