Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bring it on, part II

Just to give you an idea of how obsessed these people are, and how badly they need a devil, I will refer to a blog that I really prefer that you never visit.
Sometimes though, you're not completely useless, you can always serve as a Bad Example.

Some observations. In the above thread I am mentioned numerous times. The number of inaccuracies are rampant.

First, though these are no in particular order of importance. I knew Randy Weaver, to paraphrase slightly, I am no Randy Weaver. I find him a fascinating character and I emphasize the word "character" and deliberately endow it with double meanings.

I doubt Randy Weaver remembers me by name. I helped arrange for financial transactions with Randy after Ruby Ridge as part of my job. By this time Randy had won his case, and a lot of money in the process.

My evaluation of Randy is as follows:

He is in essence a good time party boy with strong political beliefs. The evidence of my eyes and personal experience is that the constant salutation assigned to Randy; "White Supremacist," is not apropos. He was a small time gun dealer in Idaho who was targeted as an example. Had he been arrested quietly in town, no one would have died, and Randy would have been in and out of jail by now, and we'd never have known who he was. Instead, Randy was ambushed in the woods on the way to his house, and the ensuing lethal misunderstanding made him something of an Icon.

I had a chance to observe Randy over several days during about a month to two months worth of time. I had a chance to interact with him for several hours regarding business. I was able to extract personal information from him, that he is ordinarily very reluctant to give. All of this occurred in 1996. In other words, Randy trusted me and did so in a short period of time. That's part of my tool box or skill set, it's what I do.

Later Randy went to a party of all the clients of that business over a one or two month period of time. It was a "get to know you" function for that business. That business had a motivational/organizational consultant on retainer who was in attendance and who is more African than our current President. There was alcohol on hand, and someone had brought cigars.

All night long, Randy and the consultant sat together smoking and laughing and drinking. You almost wanted to say "get a ROOM." It's hard for me to see Randy as a "White Supremacist," at least, that is not his primary motivation in my experience. I personally think he was a crook of a minor variety that got off the charges because his family got shot up in a Law Enforcement gross over reaction and attempt to make an example out of him, and his family. I often use my short relationship with Randy as an illustration of public perception vs private reality.

I will say this: I knew Randy, you probably have never met the guy. I'll play my trump card of knowing him over your sound bite use of his name any day. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a racial supremacist or a Nazi. Period. I have in the past made the mistake of commenting at a Nazi site not KNOWING they were Nazi's and I got out as fast as I got in.

Two. My wife is off limits you idiots. Leave her alone. Don't even comment on her. This is a warning. Should ANYTHING you say or do spill over into the reality of her life you're in deep yogurt so to speak (one of my father's favorite pet phrases). My wife ranks as the best thing that's ever happened to me personally, outside of salvation. I regard myself as literally owing my life to her. She is an intelligent but private person. She holds NUMEROUS degrees. She speaks SEVERAL languages. One of her degrees is from a school of near Ivy League reputation. Many of the personnel working at the White House over the last 30 years graduated from the same private institution. She was in her youth, a near Olympic caliber athlete. Absolutely none of what I just said is an exaggeration. It is spot on true as well as the following: She is none of your business and doesn't want anything to do with you. She is entirely aware of what I think and do. I love her deeply. Leave her alone. I will be on you LEGALLY like a heat seeking missile if you let your casual remarks and stalking bleed over into her life. That goes for any family member. I have used none of their names except for my jailbird son. None of them have aligned themselves with me publicly. My passion is not their passion. That has nothing to do with whether they agree with me or not. Some of them do, some of them don't.

The Christian (Protestant) Reformation began in disagreement over doctrine. It is right and proper for us in the Reformation tradition to disagree over sincerely held beliefs. I am in fact in closer alignment with the father of the Reformation, Martin Luther, when it comes to my stance on polygyny. I have reached a public phase of my dispute with the denomination with whom I fellowship. I have been very disclosure oriented with regard to that dispute. It is my belief they violate their own procedures through secret meetings and secret accusations. There is no declared requirement of belief on the institution of marriage for membership in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and as such it would have no more declared impact on my sincerity of belief than a dispute over Baptism.

The various Presbyterian Denominations are not AUTHORITARIAN in their Governance like the Roman Catholic Church for instance. Right or wrong, there is no mechanism for dispute of what constitutes Orthodoxy for the rank and file parishioner in the RCC. This is quite different in the OPC. Hence, I contend that I have been wrongfully withheld membership and am now wrongfully barred from the church by it's leadership. I am however obedient in that I have not attended since directed not to attend.

I expect to lose the conflict. I have always expected to lose the conflict should it ever have become public, as it now has. I have always harbored the faint hope that I might be accepted as a member with the understanding that the denomination I was in, did not agree with me. This looming loss provides for me, certain options that I would not have as a member of the church. None of those "options" should be seen as me contemplating or threatening or encouraging an illegal act.

Last, I do not now nor have I ever had a Criminal Record. I have never violated any law except for traffic regulations. I have never seen the inside of a court room as a defendant except in the civil matter of my first marriage (divorce) or as a defendant in a traffic violation. I have never been arrested. I have seen the inside of a jail ONCE in California because that is where they kept their fingerprint scanner. I have had my fingerprints taken on numerous occasions as part of passing criminal background checks. I have successfully passed those criminal background checks in Florida, Idaho, Montana, Vermont and California. I am on file as licensed in Montana and Vermont under the exact and same name I used here as part of the address of my blog. I have twice in my life been a registered lobbyist.

Rozita Swinton is on the doorstep of transitioning from public figure, to private figure. Her court appearance this coming Wednesday is her last regularly scheduled one intended to tie up loose ends from her 2007 guilty plea in her false reporting crime in Castle Rock in 2005. I doubt anything earth shattering will come out of it. Unless someone discovers something NEW about her in connection with some other investigation or unless Texas ACTUALLY decides to charge her with something, she's off the table pretty much. Her name will get mentioned here from time to time, as it is relevant but the FLDS know enough about her now, and her past connections and they'll pursue her, or they won't. In the final analysis, it's not my ox that got gored.

Don't suppose, you toads, that you can lay a finger on me, or my wife without trouble raining on you so hard that you will need the Super Dome for a hat. All the trouble I will cause for you will be of the entirely legal variety and done to you by an attorney, in court.

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Ron in Houston said...

Well, on one hand people talk a whole bunch of smack on the internet that comes to nothing.

On the other hand, we have had several conversations about the benefits of internet anonymity.

Hopefully it won't get the point where you need to "lawyer up."

The Pharisee said...

It will Ron, if anyone comes after my wife. I'm hearing the orchestra tune up for that. I do have enough income to fund a legal battle. I would have to divert income from debt service, and thus bankrupt myself, but I would do it.

Your friends would do well to simply not mention her. At all. I'm married, that's it. If anyone wants to dig around to see what's behind the "front" of who I am, they'll find I've already told the truth about my private life insofar as I have said anything about it. When looking into my private life becomes investigating my wife, who she is, and what she thinks, I will lawyer up and I will have everyone involved served and dealt with legally.

I have an ex as well. For those looking for juicy details, that would be the place to look, except that's a decade and a half in the past and you must might find someone who would be ticked off that you involved her. Enemies would have more luck finding dirt THERE than in my present relationship. That would involve someone who I haven't seen or talked to in more than ten years.

I can't help anyone there, I couldn't even give her address to you and I certainly couldn't guarantee anyone's safety that chose to stick their nose into that. She might be happy to help, she probably wouldn't be. As far as she is concerned, I don't exist.

Vulture said...

Not to pile on or restate the obvious, but there's no way the crowd of bigots over at FLDS Texas is going to comply with your request. They're too hate-filled and vile to treat anyone who isn't on their little bandwagon with any respect or dignity.

They are, unquestionably, the most vile sub-humans on the planet.

Ron in Houston said...

Geez, why do folks toss about the term "friends" so haphazardly?

Anyone that involves your wife is no friend of mine whether I may have some ideological agreements with them or not.

I also know exactly what you're saying about ex wives. Mine would likely say the apocalypse is close since I must clearly be the anti-Christ.

At the risk of beating a big stinking dead horse, if you were Hugh in Vermont, you'd have a lot less to worry about.

The Pharisee said...

I'm not exactly "requesting" Vulture, it's one of those promise situations. Involve my wife and I will fry every one responsible for doing so, in a legal onslaught limited only by my ability to earn money and pay legal representation.

I submit that my ability to earn money probably exceeds most of the persons nosing around the fringes of my wife's life. They have misconstrued my honest appraisal of my life as being "broke" to mean I'm not earning an income. I am. I'm paying out on a prodigious debt load because it is the honorable thing to do, as opposed to going bankrupt.

Attack or harass my WIFE and I have TWO moral imperatives and only the ability to address ONE of them. I'm just saying, don't make me, make that choice because I won't hesitate.


Isn't attacking your opponents family sort of like bringing up a comparison with Hitler? You lose automatically by doing so?

The Pharisee said...

One would think...

I'm like anyone else, I'm not eager to be criticized in personal terms, but, meh, ultimately, you put up with it.

Discussing my wife who has no public persona, even that to some extent, not so important since they don't even know her name, but the tone of the conversation going on "you know where," is suggestive of trying to find out what she's like. That can only involve researching and/or talking to her.

That's going too far.

If they aren't planning to do that, they should shut up about what she is like. If they are planning to do that, they should remember that's outside the lines.

Judging from the extent of personal investigation I'm "enjoying" right now I'd have to say they're trying to find out something about her as well.


I don't know about Vermont, but here in Florida, if somebody attacks you, Jeb said it was alright to shoot them.

Keep in mind, we're talking LE when we discuss this crew, so let's not forget about the kevlar. Go for the zipper on his pants and make him a soprano.

The Pharisee said...

If they come after me, I'll just let 'em make my widow as wealthy as Randy Weaver (adjusted for inflation of course).

I_hate_bigots said...

I'm sure it's not just the start of the investigation - I bet they have investigated everyone who was critical of the raid.

As I said before, they some how found out my name, occupation(s) and information about my family. All I have ever done is post comments.

What's scary is I'm a very private person - even before I started posting. I don't keep a facebook page or twitter. So how are they finding all of this out? Are they using LE for their investigations?

If a poster makes them go that crazy, I can't imagine what they are going to do to you.

What are they afraid of?

There are anti-polygamy posters who will claim to have all sorts of private information but insist on remaining anonymous. Some posters have claimed Merrianne has a baby, the FLDS might have been responsible for intimidating witnesses, and girls were taken off the ranch prior to the raid.
If you make claims like that and say they are based on "private information", I think you kinda waive your right to remain anonymous.

Many of these posters have talked about their relationship with LE - I would really like to know which ones are being used as agents for LE.