Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap - Rozita Swinton Pleads Guilty (UPDATE, will apparently serve no time)

The trial day shift was a technical matter, or a ruse, in any case, she has pled guilty. It also appears from the AP story on the subject, that everything is linked to Texas dropping any interest in charging Rozita:
Deputy District Attorney Frederick Stein, El Paso County Colorado - "Ms Swinton entered a guilty plea which was just completed 10 minutes ago. She plead guilty to a charge of false reporting to authorities and received a 2 year deferred sentence with several conditions."
This is also being reported by KRDO:
COLORADO SPRINGS - "35-year-old Rozita Swinton avoided trial by pleading guilty on a charge of false reporting (today).

Swinton made multiple fake calls to police in Colorado and Texas. She was accused of making a phone call to police in February of 2008, claiming she was a girl named Jennifer and was hurt and trapped in a basement. Police went door-to-door searching homes for hours, looking for the girl. The call turned out to be a hoax.

The judge deferred sentencing for 2 years, but he is still requiring her to serve 45 days in jail

Police turned their focus to Swinton, when Texas Rangers traced a call to her, following the raid of a polygamist compound in April of 2009. In that case, a girl named Sarah told a social worker she was trying to escape the religious sect. Swinton has not been charged in that case."
I have contacted Douglas County to see how this affects her deferred sentencing agreement there. It may be that in delaying Rozita's trial as long as it has been delayed, that Douglas County no longer cares. I'm not sure how those sorts of things work, but hypothetically if her "deferred sentencing" in Douglas County stated "Don't Get Into Trouble" for 4 years, and those 4 years were up, she could then become convicted in El Paso County, and keep her Douglas County deferred sentencing agreement intact. The story errs in assigning the date of "April 2009" to the raid, which occurred in April of 2008.

It turns out that Rozita may not even go to jail, despite what it says above:
KKTV - The attorney for Rozita Swinton entered the plea on her behalf (this) morning to false reporting charges. In February 2008, Swinton started calling Colorado Springs police, telling them she was a 16-year-old girl trapped in a basement. The calls triggered a massive and frantic search in the northeast side of the city. Swinton allegedly also made calls to TESSA, a local group that helps domestic violence victims.

- Swinton was handed a 24-month deferred sentence. She received 45 days jail time but the judge gave her credit for time previously served in treatment.
Also it would seem that she did not even show up.

The Associated Press had this take on the story:
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- "(David Foley), attorney for (Rozita Swinton) says Texas authorities don't believe she had any 'criminal involvement' in telephone calls that triggered a raid on a Texas polygamist group.

Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs was once considered a 'person of interest' in connection with calls to a hot line alleging abuse at the polygamist compound in Texas.

(According to her attorney), she won't face charges in that case. A spokesman for the Texas attorney general didn't immediately return a call.

In an unrelated case, Swinton pleaded guilty in Colorado Springs today to misdemeanor false reporting. The judge ordered her to get medical treatment but did not specify her condition."
It appears that we were just waiting for the Dirty Deal in Texas to be done.

What happens to the evidence that Texas took? Rozita's computer and cell phones?

I have been roundly ridiculed for connecting the cases, but it now seems that Texas has been talking to David Foley on Rozita's behalf. This is so dirty.

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I_hate_bigots said...

Disgusting -

What makes to so, so bad is not Rozita, it's the people in position of power who are going along with this injustice.

It's not just the phone calls but the crimes to cover-up the phone calls. All done by people who are in positions of power.

The amount of people who HAVE to be involved and willing to take part in this is mind boggling.

The worst part is now a message has been sent to every corrupt/lazy cop around - this is the way around civil rights.

This is time it was the FLDS - next it will be the ex-wife of a cop, a politician's opponent, ect....

Our society has become much, much less safe due to this case.

This is a true crime against society.

Jane Pigeon said...

I love Rozita and worship her from a distance. She's intelligent, took a whipping so tortured women in a torture camp of FLDS lifestyle get out, are temporarily rescued and have a window of opportunity to escape the horror that will last for generations... Incest trapped in death valley with guys with guns at the gate sounds like hell on earth to me. I don't believe she isn't a paid, lived saint. Hopefully a lot of those women and children are freed.

Hugh McBryde said...

She lied. She's always lied. She has a legal track record of lying. Warrants based on the lies of a lying liar who is KNOWN as a serial endangering liar are themselves LIES. Our legal system is not designed or intended to support lies. That is not Justice.