Thursday, January 07, 2010

Michael Emack gives up on his Neighbors, no new trial for Raymond

The next FLDS trial, will be in San Angelo.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "In a pretrial hearing on Thursday, the prosecution, headed by attorney Eric Nichols, and the defense, led by Abilene attorney Randy Wilson, agreed to the change of venue from Schleicher County. The prosecution had pushed for the change of venue for the previous trials of FLDS members Raymond Merril Jessop and Allan Eugene Keate, but the trials were held in Eldorado."
Whatever value the FLDS has assigned in the past to being at home, they've given up on now. I guess you have to figure 33 years is bad enough, and it can't get worse going to Tom Green county.
"Earlier in the morning, (Barbara) Walther denied a motion for a new trial for (Raymond) Jessop, who was convicted of child sexual assault in November. A defense attorney argued that the Schleicher County grand jury selection process was unfair to Jessop."
We do get a view though, of another appeal angle. Regardless of what was agreed to by the defense regarding the composition of the jury, they clearly took umbrage and now they're griping for the record. I'm not going to pretend to know the ins and legal outs of procedure, but this process has stunk up the place, it only works if you don't care how you "get 'em" but just want to "get 'em."
"Gerald Goldstein, who stood in for Mark Stevens as Jessop’s attorney, was displeased that Walther presided over the hearing because she was involved in the grand jury selection process.

'This should be heard by a different court,' Goldstein said at the beginning of the hearing."
Some FLDS arguments I am sure are exotic and far fetched. That is normal for a vigorous defense. I'm sure that attorneys have touched bases for all forms of appeal during the trial and will be trotting them out out one by one or in a bunch.

I don't think it's possible for trials to go so seamlessly for the prosecution when there were so many well known question marks about the raid in the first place. Walther makes a better driver, than she does a judge.

Nice that they got this out of the way, before Rozita's first appearance.

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