Tuesday, January 05, 2010

If you were thinking of showing up at Rozita's pre-trial conference tomorrow, don't.

At the last minute it has been moved from 9am tomorrow:
Frederick Stein/El Paso County District Attorney's office - "The pre-trial readiness date has been moved to Jan 11th at 9:00 am at the request of the defense and the prosecution. The trial date on Jan 13th remains the same." 4:14 MST.
I really don't think they want anyone showing up. Who knows, maybe they'll move it back now, at the last second. It's not on the "Call off" list for El Paso county and wasn't the last time either.

Once again, there is every evidence to suggest this is the oldest misdemeanor case in El Paso County that is being actively pursued. This means it's also approaching the record for "most delayed" as well.

There's only one question in both instances really.


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