Monday, January 04, 2010

Rozita's Pre Trial Conference on Wednesday

It's been nearly two years since Rozita Swinton was arrested while driving around Colorado Springs, faking distress, and being a little girl.
Her pre-trial conference for that misdemeanor is Wednesday. It has not been "called off/postponed."

History tells us it will be again, and that no prior notice of this "call off" will be given. I will have to chase the prosecuting attorney for the county again, until he reveals that fact to me, that is, if history is our guide.

I remind you, there was an active channel of communication between the FBI in Texas, and the Colorado Springs Police Department. Messages from an unnamed FBI agent in Texas were passed via email or cell phone to Agent Steve Smith, who then wrote them down on paper, gave them to a detached duty member of CSPD on his "Task Force," a Lt. Sean Mandel, who then took them into CSPD. I talked to these men, they acknowledged the existence of this back channel.

The unanswered questions are:

WHY was there this elaborate off the record back channel communcication set up?

Why was this back channel being used prior to Rozita's arrest?

What was the nature of the Task Force Lt. Sean Mandel of CSPD was detached to, from CSPD to the FBI?

There is also the matter of CSPD employment of Rozita, through Lt. Magdalena Santos (980D) who was head of the "Internet Sex Crimes" wing of the "Sex Crimes Unit" of CSPD.

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I_hate_bigots said...

It would be interesting to review the obstruction of justice statutes.

If you keep delaying a criminal case in order to suppress evidence in another case, would that be obstruction of justice?

I_hate_bigots said...

I think the FBI's involvement in this mess is troubling.

After all, this is the agency which is suppose to be handling Government corruption.

It's kinda hard to investigate yourself.

I see the FBI going after low hanging fruit.

They should be handling real Federal crimes - not going after a few cases of teenage sex.

The Pharisee said...

What SEEMS to be going on, is a withholding of "impeachment" material. Texas as a sort of witness or player in the FLDS/YFZ case is "impeaching" their own testimony regarding probable cause for entry into the ranch if it is shown that they knew of Rozita's cozy, maybe REALLY REALLY cozy relationship with LE prior to the raid.

If LE contact is shown by Rozita's computer and phones, and they did not reveal this to the defense, it will be trouble.

I_hate_bigots said...

Here's another thought. Why ISN'T Rozita or others being charged with the YFZ hoax?

From the police reports, it seems there is plenty of evidence to charge her. Her cell phone, documents and past history.

It clearly endangered children - making a call about a rape in a place where children live - that's clearly endangering them.