Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Douglas County Drops charges against Rozita

I don't know how you can "drop" a charge that a person has already plead guilty to, but according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Rozita isn't going to face the music in Castle Rock:
The Gazette - "As part of the plea, authorities in Douglas County have also agreed to drop charges stemming from a similar false reporting incident in 2005, (DDA Frederick Stein) said."
Mr. Stein also characterized the verdict as "fair." What's he going to do, say he was taken out back, had his arm ripped off and he was beaten nearly to death with it? It's one of those "Too Heavy, Too Light" questions.

There are a number of errors in the article, not the least of which is Rozita's age (she's 35 now) and her middle name is misspelled. She snuck in through a side entrance after El Paso county lied and stated her case had been "called off" that day.
"Swinton was barely audible in the courtroom as she said a few words during the 30-minute hearing to indicate that she knew she was waiving her right to a trial."
Her attorney had the audacity to suggest that she did a good thing:
" 'I believe the phone call in Texas resulted in the prosecution of some people who were sexually assaulting young women,' Foley said. 'If anyone felt that Ms. Swinton was involved in that, that’s a good thing.' "
He's portraying his client as a heroine, and daring anyone to sentence her to anything, and perhaps reminding Texas that he may know something.

I was apparently wrong about her employment status, though she has hobnobbed about the country a bit over the last year and a half, she still works it would seem, for State Farm Insurance.
"Foley said the case took longer than most misdemeanor cases because of his client’s medical issues. She was evaluated by doctors in advance of the plea and prosecutors had their own experts review those reports.

Foley described his client as 'a real sweetheart' who has held a job with an insurance company for the last 10 years. He said she declined comment on the case."
And she is to stay in Colorado:
"(Rozita) is not allowed to leave Colorado without the court’s permission."
An attempted murder, that's one way of looking at it, attempted murders actually, over about 500-600 people at YFZ, had it ended similarly to Waco. A real sweetheart alright.

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karateka said...

I think the FLDS need a few simple, clear soundbite-type phrases. If they were to march around the courthouse with signs that said "Where's Rozita?" along with her mug shot it would be a powerful statement.

I think another type of phrase they should be pushing is "fight bigotry." Once again, simple, clear, straightforward, and gets to the heart of the case.


The Pharisee said...


It appears at least 11 men will go to jail, probably the other will lose his medical license.

That will all probably stick, the way things are going right now. Not because it is right, but because it has become political and the FLDS have been successfully portrayed as drooling child rapists.