Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Called Off (UPDATED) Rescheduled for FRIDAY (the 15th and then back to today)

She plead guilty. no word on if it was just another delay, plea deal or outright dismissal.
Up until yesterday afternoon, El Paso county was saying the trial would be today at 9am MST (one hour from the time of this posting).
CallOffs for Wednesday January 13, 2010
CaseNumber AppearanceDate DefLastName DefFirstName Division
C021 2009M 007121 1/13/2010 Donovan William B
C021 2009M 007122 1/13/2010 Donovan William B
C021 2007T 014782 1/13/2010 Hill Jeremy B
C021 2009T 010055 1/13/2010 Hill Jeremey B
C021 2009M 005177 1/13/2010 Hill Jermey B
C021 2009M 005956 1/13/2010 Medina Loretta B
C021 2009M 003671 1/13/2010 Waller Travis B
C021 2008M 002726 1/13/2010 Swinton Rozita C
Sometime late yesterday or yesterday evening, the "Call off" appeared on the El Paso county "Call Off" list for January 13th. At the moment of this posting, that would be a "tomorrow" list, though that will change to "today" sometime later this morning.

You have to remember, she was caught, by the POLICE, RED HANDED. The documents in that trial, of this "friend of CSPD" were sealed then.

UPDATE - See above, she plead guilty. All blog reports were accurate representations of what was from the El Paso county website, and also confirmed by phone calls. It appears Frederick Stein and David Foley colluded a bit to throw off potential spectators and media coverage.

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I_hate_bigots said...

These delays are so, so strange. Sure cases get delayed all the time but not like this one.

I wonder why?

Just think of ALL the people who have to be "in" on this case.


Part of the reason why Courts and cases are open to the public is just not to protect to accused, it's so the public can determine if the Courts are acting properly.

Just because the State nor the Defense complains, doesn't make it proper and legal.

I'm really going to research obstruction statutes.

The Pharisee said...

She plead guilty. The delay on the call off list was simply technical. If she reneged on her plea, they'd try her on Friday.