Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Morning, not in Church and my Christmas Present.

Just dripping with liberal silliness, but still, I just had the best cup of coffee I have EVER had in my life, so they get their say.

And yes, I like those murdering little monkeys too (chimps are dangerous).

For Christmas I hinted, and finally had to come out and say "I want THAT coffee grinder" to my wife. She hates coffee.

I got a pretty good "Mr. Coffee" IDS77 Coffee Bean Grinder, and used up most of my ground coffee in between now and then. So today, January 3rd, I got up and used my Christmas Present. On the last day of 2009, I went up to Green Mountain's home office, which is just up the street, bought my favorite grind (so far), a "Tanzanian Gombe Reserve, Medium Roast," but this time in whole bean form.

I brew with distilled water which all coffee experts say "never do." It turns out at least for these taste buds, that stronger coffee in a neutral medium tastes better. You can just keep dialing up the strength and all happens is your coffee headache comes on with the first two sips of your second cup. That's cool. One good cup is generally enough in the morning.

So, continuing on my research path of "Hugh's Favorite Cup of Coffee," I washed and assembled my IDS77 model grinder, and put the $17.00 wonder to work. I fine ground it, enough for a very strong 8 cups, poured in the water and let 'er rip.

Breakfast was poached eggs on microwave baked potato, fresh diced onions and Monterrey Jack cheddar in between tater and eggs with a medley fresh ground pepper.

Oh. Wow. What a cup of coffee. What's even better is I think I did it wrong, and can do it even better the next time.

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Vulture said...

Mmmmm. Coffee. Arrrrrr...

Coffee. Tastes great, promotes health.

Moonaroo said...

This sounds so much more delicious and less expensive than my Starbuck's a day habit. Maybe I should get a good grinder and try not being so lazy!