Friday, May 02, 2008

FBI - "We've Got Nothing on the FLDS"

Ok, do you really think Texas' Keystone Gestapo is going to do it? Really, if there is a crime and they are proceeding legitimately, more power to them. But as you know, I don't think they are. The FBI has Bubkes on the FLDS. Deseret News "Feds Stymied."

"Federal authorities have been probing allegations of crimes involving the Fundamentalist LDS Church and its leader Warren Jeffs for years — but have been unable to develop enough probable cause to launch a full-scale investigation or bring charges.

'Those cases where you hear rumor and innuendo about child brides and corruption, we have to have reasonable suspicion to open an investigation,' U.S. Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman said Thursday. 'Beyond that, we have to have probable cause to even get search warrants and grand jury subpoenas. That we have not been able to establish on numerous occasions.'"

Hey Texas, maybe the FBI sent you in first, to see how you'd do.

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