Monday, September 21, 2009

UPDATED (again): Rozita. Source says: Lt Maggie Santos untruthful.

Since nothing essentially, that my source has told me, has been refuted, I will publish the source's response to Lt. Maggie Santos.
"Some of 'Alpha's' statements to you are incorrect. Rozita worked for her longer. I am concerned Alpha and Beta are hiding something. The problems is it is affecting the case against Rozita in ROZITA's FAVOR. Alpha DID NOT RECUSE 3 yrs ago. Alpha pulled out was because Becky Hoerth outed Alpha and Beta so they were forced to pull out." (this is a paraphrase)
This is getting VERY interesting.

Alpha is CSPD Lieutenant Maggie Santos.

Maggie's rebuttal to this information is the following:
"I have nothing to add, feel free to pull CSPD reports. If your source has a complaint they are welcome to file a complaint with IA (internal affairs)."
"If your source has more information ask her."
Please note that I have not identified the gender of my source, nor will I be tricked into doing so now. I have disclosed nothing to Maggie about the identity of my source:
"Smells like blackmail."
Lt. Santos has had every opportunity to clarify and refuses to do so. I cannot evaluate the truthfulness, ultimately, of either party, but more of what my source has said, checks out, as opposed to that which Maggie has said. I note that Maggie was truthful that Rozita was her Nanny, but her explanation of time frames stretches credulity to the breaking point.

An invitation to file a complaint with internal affairs is an invitation to go public. I would greatly prefer to have Maggie's greater insight into this matter, but she does not give it.

The Modern Pharisee does not take the position that Maggie is untruthful. The Modern Pharisee does not take the position that the source I employ is truthful. I present both sides and point out that so far, more of what the source has said, checks out.

Maggie also says she will change her cell phone number tomorrow, which means that she no longer wishes to comment. Her last communication to me by email:
"I am requesting you not contact me again, by phone, email or in any other format. As I explained to you on the text, at this point any information you want should be done through CSPD. I have notified my chain of command that you are becoming creepy and I am concerned about the safety of my children (whom you are now bringing up). You have access to my personal cell, email and may have access to my address. Any further communication I will consider harassment and I will also consider filing this criminally."
This is what is known as a "non-denial denial."

I got Maggie's phone through a publication where she published that phone number. I got her email the same way. I have published neither. I believe that I have her address but I am not interested in revealing it. I will not do so. She has requested that I no longer communicate with her, and I will not. I asked her to clear up the time frames, and she would not. None of my communications will show that I have even hinted at revealing anything but her name. I will also point out that I have NOT identified "Beta."

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I_hate_bigots said...

Does Ms. Santos really think this situation is going away?

Is she trying the old - I'll file a restraining order trick (since when does being "creepy" count).

It's so interesting she defaulted to accusing you of being interested in her children. Is that what she usually does to people she doesn't like?

I'm sure she won't be bothered by any bloggers anymore. She will be very, very busy with interviews by a number of defense attorneys. I'm guessing there are some non-FLDS defendants that are interested in this too.

It's kinda like John Edwards - he kept lying, was caught, but still kept lying. Someone finally snitched.

I_hate_bigots said...

Back in Feb. 2008, a hoax caller had the Colorado Springs police searching door to door.

On March 19, 2008, a men shot his wife to death. A few days before she reported he made a death threat a against her, the police didn't deem it credible. They didn't even bother to talk to the husband.

I find the Feb. hoax caller morally responsible for the death of the woman in March.

Hoaxes lessen the credibility of REAL VICTIMS.