Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deposition of Flora, ordered, time and place, to be announced.

I think next, that the depositions of the Texas Law Enforcement Trio, will be delayed. Judge Conn did not set a time and place yet, and suggested that Flora, get an attorney, or at least let one she already has know that she needs representation in this matter.

I do not think Warren's attorneys want to interview Flora after Doran and company.

Here is the order.

Oh, in case you're wondering? No TV Crew Flora.

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yutthehay said...

I don't see how it makes any difference who gets deposed first. The schedule for the texass trio is to start on the 18th of this month and run as long as it takes up to the 21st. What is said in the depositions won't be broadcasted I hope? So Flora won't know what they said and they won't know what she said. If there is collaboration going on it is happening right now. So what difference does it make?

The Pharisee said...

I think FLDS opponents are grossly corrupt and have conspired illegally to entrap them. Ideally all three Texas lawmen should be interviewed with separate legal representation. There should be some mechanism in force to prevent Texas from communicating questions or answers to those questions from one officer to another.

That of course will not happen with the Texas AG being present in each case. Count on whatever being asked in the first deposition, being answered in similar fashion by all because they will know what has been answered by the first deponent.

At the very least, Flora's deposition represents a chance to get a clean look at answers, without such answer management. The chances are better that the Texas Trio will not know as much about how she answered those questions, when they answer theirs. The Texas Trio should expect that one of the questions asked will be if they have communicated with Flora about her answers to her deposition.

yutthehay said...

Thank you Hugh. I very much like the way you think and your views. Let the cover up begin but may the best team win.