Friday, December 19, 2008

The Three Amigos are Deposed

The likelyhood that anything about these interviews hits the newsstands is relatively low. I don't think it will be advantageous for either side to leak anything, but John Connor, David Doran and Brooks Long were deposed. Something dogmatic supporters of Texas said would never happen.

The Deseret News - "The interviews were scheduled to begin in Thursday morning and potentially last through the day, though no one involved in the process returned phone calls for comment to provide details on the schedule.

The interviews, done by the attorney for Jeffs in an Arizona case, initially were scheduled for the San Angelo law offices of Hennington Butler and Jones, the firm representing ranch leader Merril Jessop, but were moved after the officials balked at using those offices, said attorney Amy Hennington."

Some of the "dogmatic supporters" of Texas have really taken me, and other bloggers to task saying these interviews would never take place so I'm just going to take this opportunity to point out that I never had any doubt that they would take place. Now they have. It's nice to have a better track record than the lawyers, when I'm not one. I will take this opportunity to point out this is not the first time I've taken on lawyers, as an ordinary citizen. I've won before, it's not a rare event.

Yes, I'm grinding this in.

I was right.

You lawyers were wrong.

Yeah, me, RIGHT. You, WRONG. Got that?

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

But not before I say "I told you so."

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