Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Flora does not have an attorney representing her

At least not yet. I am of course, no Legal Eagle, but if Flora Jessop had legal representation with respect to her statement that was to be made last week, it would have been at the bottom of Piccarreta and Wright's request for a formal deposition, made to Judge Steven F. Conn. That legal representation would have been mailed a copy. At least that is my humble understanding. It's backed up by the fact she showed up with reporters, and cameras, but not a lawyer.

The motion is clear, it's well written. It's easy to understand. Go here to read the whole thing, it's not that long. If I were Flora, I would have had an attorney already. She doesn't. Yet. I'm going to say it. This is one pathetically stupid person. She's been grandstanding and posturing, and it figures she's done other stupid, really, really, really stupid stuff. We're not dealing with a Rocket Scientist here.

Flora has been benefiting from the largess of a press interested in a narrative that she fits into all too neatly. It's my guess she has no clue as to how things go when there is a real opposition. Flora, there is now a real opposition, and they're not going to be nice to you. Any stupid stuff you've done? It's coming out.

If she was unprepared for this, (no attorney) she hasn't ever really been prepared for anything. Have you ever seen a deer in the headlights? That bright light Flora, is not the end of the tunnel, it's a train.

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