Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Half of remaining FLDS children "non suited". 19 remain.

After about a month of holding onto the remaining 37, then the remaining 36, Texas non suits about half the remaining kids.

The Deseret News - "Only 19 children remain under court jurisdiction in the custody case, Texas Child Protective Services confirmed to the Deseret News on Tuesday. Seventeen children were 'nonsuited' by a judge in San Angelo last week. It brings the total number of children dropped from court oversight to 420, excluding 26 'disputed minors,' whom CPS initially believed were underage but were later proven to be adults."

I continue to assume that one is Teresa Steed, another is Merrianne Jessop and still another may be Teresa Jeffs. That's three.

"The remaining cases include three cases in which the Department has temporary managing conservatorship of one or more children in the family," agency spokesman Patrick Crimmins said Tuesday. "We are continuing to provide services to these families and to work with the families to address safety concerns. Once services are completed and it is it determined by CPS that the children's safety can be assured, we will move to nonsuit."

Don't you just love it how they describe what they do as "services" as if the FLDS asked for water, garbage or sewage, and they're providing those things for them.

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