Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Piccarreta does not see Flora's Deposition as essential to Texas Depositions

Warren Jeffs and his attorneys do not see a high likelyhood of anything Flora has to say being informative when it comes to deposing the Three Amigos. Why? If it did have a high probability, they wouldn't depose the three, until after Flora.

The Salt Lake Tribune - "On Thursday and Friday, Arizona attorney Michael Piccarreta will travel to Eldorado, Texas, to question three law officers -- Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran, deputy sheriff John Connor and Texas Ranger Brooks Long -- about calls for help and evidence seized in April from the YFZ Ranch, home to members of a polygamous sect. Piccarreta represents sect leader Warren S. Jeffs, who faces charges in Arizona related to underage marriages he conducted."

Not to worry though, they can simply go to Flora, better informed. Depose Flora, ask informed questions, compare notes, and if the Three Amigos didn't seem to say the same things, they can go back. Flora to my knowledge does not have an attorney representing her in this specific matter, yet. There is no date set for her deposition.

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