Monday, December 01, 2008

Flora, it's not about you.

She doesn't get it, yet. She had a chance at a non court ordered deposition, now she's probably going to get a court ordered one. Good luck dodging the summons. I guess if she tries to skip the interview, it will be hard for her to operate in Arizona.

The Deseret News - "(Warren) Jeffs' attorneys seek a deposition of Flora Jessop, objecting to her appearance at a voluntary interview with them on Nov. 24. She brought a TV crew with her and the interview was over before it started.

'Ms. Jessop's publicity stunt is clearly an unacceptable condition ... ,' attorneys Richard Wright and Michael Piccarreta wrote, adding that Jessop sought to turn her interview into 'The Jerry Springer Show.'

Jessop claimed in a statement that she showed up willing to cooperate, but wanted someone to document the 'truth of abuse in polygamy.' Jessop declined earlier requests for a newspaper reporter to attend the interview. Jessop said she will not object to a deposition.

'The only possible result of Ms. Jessop's latest publicity stunt is to generate adverse publicity to prejudice the defendant in the local media, and possibly on a national level,' Wright and Piccarreta wrote.

Jeffs' defense attorneys are seeking to question Jessop about phone calls she had with Rozita Swinton, who is suspected of making the hoax call that launched the April raid on the FLDS Church's ranch in Texas."

The Jerry Springer show? The battle between Flora and the FLDS has heated up to a point where she can no longer call the shots. Court rules are different than media pandering. It's a different kind of spotlight I don't think she's ready to deal with.

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Lucille said...

She's unbelievable. It's one thing to have the interview filmed, but you don't need a media crew to do that - all you have to do is set up a camera on a tripod.

The Pharisee said...

She's going to be in jail if she doesn't watch it.