Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Latest Rozita Swinton News

It's not very new, but there would seem to be a psychological evaluation due sometime soon, on which the court seems to wait. She's due back in court, two weeks from Friday.

KWGN TV Denver - "Thirty-three-year-old Rozita Swinton appeared in a courtroom gallery area Wednesday morning, holding a green blanket on her lap and whistling, as a judge reset her hearing for Dec. 19." (Story dated November 12th, 2008)

Just a reminder. There are a series of scheduled dates for her in January as well. I continue to count on her cases being shuffled off into the future, as long as Texas tries to wrestle the slippery FLDS to the ground. If Flora spills something interesting, or even if she does not and hedges on something interesting, we might see Warren's lawyers traveling to Colorado, or Missouri, or wherever it is Rozita is now on ice.

Rozita might not be inclined to whistle through the probable deposition that Flora Jessop will have to give.

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