Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Manna Storehouse" updated

Unconfirmed? We have two sources now as the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" has seen fit to weigh in on the Raid. With the Storehouse's owners hunkering down and talking to lawyers, we now have the Police version. The Police, never lie. Never. Ever. Ok, this isn't Texas, let's be fair.

Pittsfield Township - "Manna Storehouse is under investigation to determine whether it is a retail food business without a license. The seizure of Manna's records and computers all but disabled the operation.

'The problem is these people on the Internet, from who knows where, were not there,' said sheriff's Capt. Richard Resendez. 'They make up all these innuendoes and create all these issues that are basically not true.' "

What is "basically not true?" That would be that the essential elements of the story, are false, as opposed to exaggerated. It was alleged that all the computers and cell phones and records were taken. Ok, so "Basically true" on that count, actually. Next?

"Resendez said four deputies conducted the search over three or four hours - not the nine claimed on some sites. There was no SWAT team and no semiautomatic weapons.

'We don't even have semiautomatic weapons,' he said.

One officer carried a shotgun, Resendez said, and the family was kept in one place to control the area, as is standard for any search warrant."

So basically true then on holding them for a long time, and herding them into one place and not letting them go. And the Semi Automatic Rifles? Frankly, I'd rather have had them holding me with a Semi Automatic Rifle than a shotgun. Shotguns do more damage at close range. And since so far, we've basically been basically told that what basically happened so far, did, basically, happen......was that a pump action shotgun Capt. or was that a semi automatic shotgun (aka weapon)? No 9mm's, just revolvers. 9mm's, which are, uh, lessee....semi automatic?

"The Lorain County Health Department tried to inspect the Storehouse in November 2007 but the family told inspectors to leave the property. Jacqueline Stowers wrote the department the next month that Manna does not need a license and that the inspection was an attempt to 'cunningly coerce unlawful entry into our house and private property.'

In September, the county asked the Ohio Department of Agriculture for assistance, and an agent purchased eggs at the store. When agents learned of a possible delivery of meat, they obtained a warrant to search for evidence of the business's activities."

Oh well there are your smoking guns. Open defiance of the law. A refusal to sell eggs (when you're not a retail business) and Oh My Stars and Garters! The Manna Storehouse was about to accept delivery of meat!

They leapt into action as all good law enforcement officials should.

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