Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Global Warming hits Fairbanks Alaska.....FAIL....

No, and at this point, probably never.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - " 'By Friday, 50 below is going to be passe,' said Rick Thoman, the lead forecaster for the National Weather Service’s local office. 'We’re going to start looking for 60 below.'

Thoman said the growing cold will begin spreading into higher-elevation areas in the borough later this week. Ironically, a dense blanket of ice fog that’s expected to build in Fairbanks is probably the only thing that will spare the city from minus-50-degree temperatures that will hit other communities.

Fairbanks officially joined the 40-below club on Monday, when Fairbanks International Airport registered that milestone for the first time this winter. Most other areas in the Interior were even colder, including a low of 53 below in Circle Hot Springs. Eagle and Tok were both at minus 47, while Fort Yukon and Northway both officially registered 44 below. Nenana and Delta Junction also were at the 40-below mark.

Thoman said National Weather Service projections still haven’t marked a point where warmer weather is supposed to replace the current pattern of frigid temperatures."

Can it still be called "Circle Hot Springs?" I mean seriously, 53 BELOW and you call some place on the map "Hot Springs?"

"Organizers of a New Year’s Eve fireworks display at Friends Community Church in Fairbanks said they will decide on Tuesday whether to commence with the fireworks as scheduled. A public announcement will follow.

'We’re going to be kind of looking at things tonight and tomorrow,' said Dave Whitmer, head of the men’s group that sponsors the display, on Monday. 'If it looks like it’s going to be below 40 below, we’ll probably postpone.' "

I guess it's so cold, time may stop. They're going to postpone the New Year.

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