Friday, December 19, 2008

Pray for Penn Jillette. He is without excuse. May the truck not hit him.

Hat tip to "The Contemporary Calvinist" for noticing this one. An atheist makes the case why it is that you evangelize. Popular Magician Penn Jillette.

I firmly believe that the word of God does not return void. Ever. In any particular case it is spoken, presented or offered to each and every one it is presented to. Thus Penn Jillette is either blessed by salvation which flows from election and the presenter of the word to him is blessed with having taken part in the process which saves him. Or he is condemned, for he is without excuse at the end of things when he comes before the LORD. He would be without excuse in any case, but he is more profoundly condemned for what he is because of the witness to him. He is also more profoundly condemned because of what he says as a result of it.

I fervently wish and pray that Penn Jillette is among the elect. He says it himself, "how much do you have to hate a man to not tell him he is about to be run over by a truck?" May Penn's statements not serve to condemn him more fully, may the serve to reveal in him, God's election to eternal life. And thanks Penn. What you said was never put better.

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