Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 more FLDS kids go free, but "Big Brother"CPS still watches

The Texas CPS ends another 10 cases, but essentially has nothing better to do but keep "investigating." There are of course no other children being abused in Texas so the "valuable" time and resources of that department remain focused on the FLDS. To date they have taken away one child, Merrianne Jessop again, and no one can demonstrate the real danger of abuse to her, other than the belief system she is close contact with. If Texas keeps her, the precedent is established. You can thinkabuse your kids.

The Deseret News - "Texas child welfare authorities have filed papers seeking to drop more children of the Fundamentalist LDS Church from court oversight in the nation's largest custody case.

At the close of court on Tuesday, Child Protective Services filed to 'nonsuit' 10 more children taken in the raid on the Utah-based polygamous sect's YFZ Ranch near Eldorado, Texas. The decision means the children would be out from under court jurisdiction, but does not end CPS' investigation.

'The only reason we're ending the legal case is we don't feel it needs to be under the supervision of the court,' said CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins. 'CPS is satisfied that we don't need the supervision of the court.'

The reasons to nonsuit vary, Crimmins said. In some cases, there may be no evidence of abuse. In others, the parents have taken appropriate steps to protect the children. Some have also turned 18 and aged out of the system."

So far Texas has had almost 6 months to investigate all families at YFZ including some just visiting from out of state. So far they have found absolutely nothing connected to the original warrant nor have they found a crime as a result of the Super Power they had to see in one glance the age of a pregnant woman, the conception age of a woman walking around with a child, the fact that the woman walking around with that child is the child's mother and the age of her sex partner, and when and where conception took place. A little too bulky for you? Texas claims to be able to know on sight the age of all they look at, and they know what you did last summer. And the summer before that, and the summer before that. This is the second warrant in a nutshell. I can see things you can't.

The facts have shown Texas cannot do that. Veda Keate was not one of the child mothers with children seen at YFZ and to date no one has been able to name a connection between the indicted men and what was "seen" at YFZ during the raid. What was "seen" forms the basis for the second warrant.

Yet CPS keeps happily investigating away, alleging darkly by their action that there is something to find at YFZ.

Other things jump out at me in this article. One is that if there is no need for court supervision exactly what is it that forms the basis of an ongoing investigation. You could not get a single founder to line up and sign on to this sort of tyranny.

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