Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Green Acres

I got my vulnerable possessions into storage last night. I wasn't real happy with the storage unit I found but it's relatively clean, "modern era" and it's dry. I put everything in the truck in the storage unit last night. It then rained buckets overnight (and even more this morning). That makes me feel a bit better about my selection. Finding ANYTHING in the area is tough. Part of the difficulty centers around a sort of lethargic chatty "oh well" type of pace many of the locals take. Another is their dogmatic insistance that things are not the way they are, no matter what the facts say. (I admit this is sometimes a useful attitude).

I found a storage unit by finally getting in contact with one I had DESIRED to get, only to find that they had no large units. The lady was kind enough to tell me of another storage unit, which turned out to be a series of scattered units across the area. In the process she gave me specific directions that included going to a storage unit on "Quarry Hill Road" but as I sat there chatting on the phone with her, it became increasingly evident that there was NO "Quarry Hill Road," at least connecting to Main street, only a "Quarry Road" (no "Hill"). I looked around for a "Quarry Hill Road" before finally deciding to investigate "Quarry" and found out that what she insisted was "Quarry Hill Road" was in fact "Quarry Road." The proprietor of the storage unit also insisted the road was "Quarry Hill Road" regardless of all the cross road signage evidence that it was in fact "Quarry." Apparently that's the way it here and in a good deal of the state. Facts don't matter, it's what the locals think that matters and they will ignore the facts whenever they want to. It makes getting directions problematic. I'll spare you the colorful language I was using as I wandered about trying doggedly to use her directions. Needless to say my image would have been set back a bit by any who know me, had they been with me.

Bottom line is that I got the stuff in storage none too soon. I've had similar difficulties finding other storage units (go up to the light, turn left, keep going, I mean REALLY keep going, don't stop going, it's there) only to find absolutely nothing. Mapquest is apparently just as daunted getting locations because a subsequent trip based on Mapquest directions produced a search of a different close by area, but only with negative results. Where ever the storage unit the representative of the Bank I chose tried to direct me too, it's not in locations described by the English Language as I know it. I think I've moved to Green Acres. I'll just try to get Mr. Haney to show me around.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, you are having such fun. I submit that some time in the past Quarry Road went to Quarry Hill, or to the quarry on the hill, thus the locals or years have called and still call it Quarry Hill Road. FWIW, I find more accurate than mapquest, and also compare with google earth.

My least favorite experience was moving to a city wherein several fairly major thoroughfares would inexplicably change names at some intersection. Would be following instructions to go down Spring Hill Street 4 miles then White Springs Avenue 2 miles, turn on Baxter Road. What was omitted was that Spring Hill Street BECOMES White Springs Avenue, and I all along would be thinking that Spring Hill INTERSECTS with White Springs, and so would drive up and down, back and forth on Spring Hill until I eventually found a street sign saying I was actually already ON White Springs. (Of course, there were never street signs at the point where the street names changed.)

And of course, the best method to learn your way around is to just get lost. (In the best sense of that phrase, of course)