Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Forgone Conclusion. Retaking the FLDS Children begins

Someone had to go back into state custody. You knew it, I knew it too. It's evidenced by this in the Salt Lake Tribune;

"Gonzalo Rios, Barbara Jessop's attorney, had asked for both children to remain with their mother with additional restrictions. He said his client was the only parent that was never offered a safety plan. 'She never got anything other than "We want the children," ' he said."

Justice is never served by forgone conclusions. When the judge is in someones pocket, they never negotiate in good faith. This is the clearest in a long line of behaviors and decisions that say the Judge is not a Judge, but an advocate for one side in the conflict.

Reminder. This action came exactly 60 days after I said Texas would move in 60 days to take the kids back.

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