Wednesday, August 27, 2008

14 more kids.

Instinct tells me to gear up for some bad news, but this is good such as it is;

The Deseret News - "(Today), lawyers for Child Protective Services went to court in San Angelo, Texas, to 'nonsuit' the 14 children, CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins confirmed to the Deseret News.

A nonsuit does not end CPS' investigation or supervision over the children but ends court jurisdiction over their cases. The reasons vary, from no evidence of abuse or neglect being found to parents taking appropriate steps to protect their children from abuse. Some age out of the system by turning 18."

There is of course, the obligatory language about "we're still out here in the weeds watching you," but that's 14 more. I'm losing track.

There is of course the opportunity provided by the wall to wall coverage of Obama to slip in something bad right before the Labor Day weekend and run off to do whatever overworked Government employees do while the media chews on their press releases as if they were Gospel.

There could also be an admission of something by CPS that they hope to cover up in the same atmosphere. There is too, the business with Rozita Swinton that her attorney hoped to "plead out" before her court date tomorrow. I'm sure everyone in the Press in Colorado Springs will be otherwise occupied. I might have to do some reporting myself.

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