Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rozita's Douglas County Case (Castle Rock) given a continuance

Rozita Swinton was granted a continuance yesterday in Douglas County Court. It was explained to me when I called that her case there is dependent on the case in El Paso County. This does make sense. The continuance is until Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 1:30 pm.

As indicated by her attorney in the story I referred to a few days ago, she is next scheduled for a pretrial conference on August 28th, 2008, 9am, Division "C" in El Paso county. Mr. Foley says he is working on a "plea bargain." One can only figure that he is trying to get a conviction that allows Douglas County (Castle Rock) the most latitude in dealing with her deferred sentencing over there.

I say she walks out without paying anything significant while pleading she is mentally ill. Mentally ill with what? I have doubted the "dissociative identity disorder" for a while. As Newsweek points out, her behavior is too calculating. Multiple personalities do not come out to help a person complete a con or a ruse. They come out to fill an emotional need such as a perceived need to protect another personality. In all probabilty though, a judge will be convinced that Rozita has this disorder, and go easy on her for that reason.

She's going to walk, and Texas doesn't care to arrest her for anything. They've had all the evidence they need for all the time they need to decide whether or not she is merely a "person of interest" or someone they need to arrest. They're not going to arrest her. The FLDS needs to SUE Rozita in Civil Court for damages so as to find out who, if anyone, helped her. Sue her, name Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, all the Attorneys General for those states, Flora Jessop and Sam Brower. I'm sure there are a few other names that could be added to the list. Find out what, if anything, went down.

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