Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ok, what's the big deal?

Tell me, really. Why is it that YOU object to Polygamous marriage? What possible business is it of yours if the five adults across the street are claiming to be married, and consist of 1 man and 4 women?

I will accept answers of any sort, but I want to know WHY. It certainly isn't the unnatural setting aside of normal desires. Most Polygamy as practiced is actually Polygyny. It doesn't fracture the Judeo-Christian ORDER of marriage. Men are clearly heads of household and women subject wives. The relationships are heterosexual. Men and women are already living large scale in relationships that many who object to Polygyny also object to as immoral, but it's POLYGYNY that get's them riled up. So really. Why is it that it gets you all in a snit?

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