Monday, August 04, 2008

The Next Sound You Will Hear is Rozita Slipping off the Hook.

Did the prosecution even READ the Newsweek article? "Factitious Disorder," calculating, and they're going to plea bargain Rozita Swinton? The El Paso Times.

"David Foley, her attorney, said Monday he's confident he'll reach an agreement with prosecutors before trial. A pretrial conference is scheduled Aug. 28."

You have to view Rozita as an attempted mass murderer. Any deal with her in the form of a plea bargain is hastening the day when she will do this again. She won't stop. Do we wait until she kills someone?

This is open and shut. She violated her probation. Impose the sentence.

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alaskagain/"Toes" said...

Wonder if Texas is having any input? Do you think they will ever return an indictment against Rozita?

The Pharisee said...

The main stream media, up until the Newsweek article seemed to wish for her to go away almost as badly Texas did.

Colorado in it's defense has no stake in seeing justice done in Texas. Texas however should be interested, and Colorado interested in facilitating that interest. I think it's fair to say that Colorado IS facilitating the interests of Texas and that is on display for all who will look, to see.

Texas does not want to get to the bottom of the Rozita Swinton story. To do so would be to, at best, discover nothing that hurts their case. Far too many lines of evidence lead to outcomes that will hurt their case.

I don't know what the statute of limitations is on Rozita's crime in Texas, but it's not long. I had an abusive caller once in Montana, from out of state, and it was something like a year. We can see 6 months from here and it won't be long until we are looking at the one year anniversary of the raid. Texas has done nothing other than take evidence, hold it, and claim they haven't had enough time to investigate it.

That SCREAMS cover up, yet no one will publicly scream that question to Texas. It would be nice if Newsweek followed up on their story and asked Texas those nosey questions.