Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three more FLDS indictments

Three more;

The San Angelo Standard-Times - ELDORADO, Texas — "The grand jury investigating crimes within the Fundamentalist LDS Church returned three felony indictments against three separate people, a court clerk confirmed."

At this point we don't know if it's just three more indictments against the same men indicted last time.

UPDATE - The Standard Times
had this to add later in the day;

"The indictments were against three people, District Clerk Peggy Williams said, but she declined to discuss any further details - including even whether the indictments name any of the same men charged by the grand jury at its July meeting.

'I'm not going to go into that until these people have been arrested,' she said.

The reticence is a shift in the case; last month, state Attorney General Greg Abbott announced the indictments - leaving out only the names of the men - at a news conference outside the Schleicher County Courthouse."

I'm going to bet that all or some of the charges are bigamy charges, against the same men. Or simply more charges against the same men.

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