Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Practical Polygyny of John Edwards?

John Edwards? Polygynist? (Update, affair portion now confirmed, paternity, not yet.) Or Jesse Jackson for that matter. In the latter case the Reverend Jackson's "extra marital" tryst has been proven, the only differences between the FLDS and the Reverend Jackson's practice is that the FLDS call their functionally similar relationships (similar to the point of being identical), marriages and the FLDS largely stick with their extra brides as opposed to discarding them and essentially making whores out of them. It would seem that former Senator John Edwards is doing the same as the Reverend Jackson. I haven't said much about it because this is one of those stories that could well blow up in your face if you assert it's "proven" that Edwards had this affair and "love child." The chances of that are diminishing every day.

So in Edwards case do we make a "Safety Plan" and move in and have him sign it and his mistress sign it? No, because in their case they will acknowledge they are wrong and society will forgive them. As long as it's done in the dark in ways that destroy lives as opposed to build lives, we will forgive them. When it's done brazenly, in the sense that when asked, the FLDS would acknowledge a marriage relationship, we hunt them down and destroy them. With as much of this sort of thing coming out about our leaders, both religious and political, you could probably place reporters full time on every US Senator or Representative and find a good deal of them behaving like the FLDS do. Only when caught, they will deny it. When shown the proof, they will repent, but God forbid they do what's right and stick with the women they have dalliances with, as opposed to leave them and their children.

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Anonymous said...

They are most assuredly NOT "behaving like the FLDS do."

It is not because the wife is saying "I have a headache tonight, dear" once too often, or because the husband is out on the road for too many months. To take a mistress and sire an out of wedlock child is NOT what the FLDS "do".

TxBluesMan said...


There is a difference between polygamy and adultery.

John said...

Well said, Hugh! Double standards for truth do seem to make a difference in todays politically correct world. Honestly caring for the women and children, owning the responsibility of family is the mark of honesty and character. If only our national leaders had a fair measure.

The Pharisee said...

Blues, you're going to have to realize that I am a strict, and I mean strict Christian. Yes, there is a difference between Polygamy and Adultery.

Biblically speaking, with one exception (and even that is in dispute), a man cannot even be said to commit adultery against a woman. It depends again how you define adultery, Biblically.

So as a person employing my "religious freedom" I do not consider relationships between a man and more than one woman, even concurrent with one another, to be adulterous. There must be some other factor such as one of the women being married to another man.

As for Polygamy? I do NOT split hairs when I insist that I am not an advocate of, nor strictly speaking a past or present advocate of Polygamy. What the FLDS practice and I DID practice was Polygyny. Polygamy is an overly broad term encompassing practices such as Polyandry, for which I have no countenance.

Toes, I of course refer to the rather myopic view of the law. To say otherwise is to say that the law only cares about the mechanics of such relationships when someone excercises their freedoms of speech and religion and refers (however privately) to their relationships not as man/mistress, but as husband/wife.

georgewiley said...

Yep. Guys who take up with more than one woman are going to have to start referring to them as their "pumpkins" instead of "wives" in order to avoid The Wrath Of tx.

I can see it now: A wave of Great Pumpkin Joinings will sweep the Nation, and in particular, West Texas. There will be mass Joinings participated in by hundreds of couples or triples, presided over by the Pumpkin Prophet.

The PP will Join these couples and triples in Holy Pumpkinmony, where the individuals will promise to love, cherish and obey each other.
They will be asked: And do you, Mary Sue, and you, Thelma, and you, Francine, take this man to be your lawfully Joined Pumpkin? And do you, Bubba Smith, take this woman, and this woman, and this woman, to be your lawfully Joined Pumkins?

At the end of the ceremony the PP will instruct the participants that they can now kiss their Pumpkins.

It will be legal, no bigamy involved, because the word "marriage" and the word "wife" and the word "husband" will not be used.


Disciple said...

How right you are, Hugh!

The hypocrisy of our culture!

All for the sake of the monogamy-only lie!

It is absolutely disgusting ...