Saturday, August 23, 2008

Warren Jeffs begins evidence challenge

The evidence challenge begins.

The Salt Lake Tribune - PHOENIX - "A lawyer for polygamist sect leader Warren S. Jeffs said Friday that he plans to fight the use of evidence seized during a raid on the sect's Texas ranch at Jeffs' trial in Arizona.

Attorney Mike Piccarreta told a judge at a court hearing in Kingman that he will challenge the search because it was based on a call that Texas authorities should have known was a hoax.

'They proceeded to search the premises nevertheless,' Piccarreta said after the hearing. 'And there are also a whole assortment of constitutional errors by the Texas authorities, and we intend to raise each and every one of them.' "

With the cacophany of voices that want to lynch the FLDS, certain that crimes have been committed and that condition justifies any tactic by the law, this is an important phase in the saga that began when Warren was charged as an accomplice to Elissa Wall's as yet undocumented rape. Warren stands convicted of a rape not yet shown to occur, his followers have had their homes ransacked and every minutae of their lives examined for crimes in a country with too many laws. Police are always confident that if they can have every scrap of information in your life, they can through YOU in jail.

This is what they do to the FLDS and to their leader Warren Jeffs. You may not like Warren, you may be squeemish when it comes to what the FLDS see as normal, even as I am. If you want however, to live in a country that is free, you had better hope they win. The issue was never "did they violate laws." The issue has always been "can government be restrained so that YOU can be free." Not the FLDS, YOU.

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