Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Raid on El Dorado, like I said there would be.

Take the kids illegally, coerce parents into signing "plans" and then say they're not complying. The San Angelo Standard Times;

"(Texas CPS is) seeking again the removal of eight children in four families, are the broadest release yet of evidence uncovered by investigators at the YFZ Ranch, the Schleicher County compound raided in April after allegations of physical and sexual abuse.

'All four motions have different facts to support them,' said Austin-based CPS attorney Charles Childress, who filed the motions about 1:30 p.m. "Mostly, it's about failure to comply.'"

There is some good news but even that is mixed with bad news. The best news would still be giving up on the case(s) altogether.

"Also today, CPS asked (Retired District Judge Marilyn) Aboussie to end the cases of 32 children 'where there is no evidence of underage marriages in the family.'"

Which reveals that the order the FLDS families apparently "failed to comply" with is most likely, having contact with those people who advocated for or participated in "underage marriage." They're still sticking to their guns that a belief system in and of itself is abusive. UPDATE, the Salt Lake Tribune says that is EXACTLY the cause.

"Texas authorities have asked a judge to place eight children from a polygamous sect back in foster care after their mothers refused to sign safety plans that limit their contact with men involved in underage marriages."

This should, though probably will not, outrage all fundamentalist Christians. What has been said here is that if the state sees a belief as oppressive, and you express that belief, the mere expression of that belief constitutes abuse. At least that's the way I read it.

Just a reminder that your Modern Pharisee said, Texas would move within 60 days to get the kids back, 46 days ago.

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TxBluesMan said...

First, it's not a raid, it's a motion.

Second, if the parents are too dim to follow the law (oh, wait - isn't that how they got into this mess?), then what do you expect.

Third, suggesting that your kids go live with a convicted sex offender is not going to please CPS.

Fourth, they do this every day - do you really think that they are too dense to figure things out?

Fifth, the racist beliefs of your prophet probably didn't endear you to the CPS workers of color.

Sixth, the marriage records showing your prophet was marrying 11 and 12 year old girls won't endear you to the jury pool.

Seventh, y'all are toast.

The Pharisee said...

The raid language is figurative. Count yourself as essentially humorless.

Too dim? Was Thomas Paine too dim? Benjamin Franklin?

Third? We've already discussed this Blues, you say you have no objection to their lifestyle personally, it's only a legal issue for you, so again, it's malum prohibitum. It's wrong because it's against the law. This is otherwise known as circular logic.

The Racist Beliefs of MY PROPHET? Do you just say this to regularly get me to issue a condemnation of the entire spectrum of Latter Day Saints beliefs? I currently go to an Orthodox Presbyterian congregation Blues. I am not now nor have I ever been nor have I ever contemplated being any form of LDS. I do not even consider them to be a variant of Christianity.

Your sixth point? It's entirely probable that the mother of Christ was betrothed to Joseph before those ages. Certainly many girls were. "Sealed" in "Spiritual" or "Celestial" marriage in LDS/FLDS terminology does not always mean sexual union.

On your 7th point, I think you are too, if you win. This is a massive public setting aside of law. Texas had no business continuing the raid in the first place. You know it, I know it, anyone acquainted with the case knows it. It frightens me to know that our nations law enforcement officers have gone along wholesale with the ignoring of rights to gain entry and access to material that would eventually result in indictments that Texas had determined from the beginning they wanted to issue.

That should frighten you as well.

Just look at the behavior of a certain Iraqi dictator's sons to know what abuses a totalitarean regime will engage in. Or maybe you're more from the Bill Clinton "Put some ice on that" school.

georgewiley said...

I think tx has more or less accurately characterized the considerations which have motivated CPS' decision to take these 8 kids:

Parents are not following the law as CPS and tx construe the law.

CPS does this all the time.

CPS does not like the beliefs of the FLDS leadership.

CPS does not like the behavior of the FLDS Leader, even though he has been in jail for a few years.

These were the same considerations which motivated the first raid on YFZ.

None of them have anything to do with abuse or neglect of the children.

Doran Williams

Shari Thomas said...

This reminds me of the kind of arrogance I encountered when constructing a meat processing plant which would require USDA inspection.

I took the plans to the Regional Office of the USDA. They had been drawn up by a very respected architect, with the production lines developed by another highly respected engineering firm (each had done many USDA plants).

The head dude looked over the blueprints and rejected them. When I asked "why"... his response, "I don't like them".

We then got into a very intense discussion regarding "like vs required". I left with regional approval (with no changes to my plans), and got national approval with no changes to the plans.

You just gotta back em down!